vaccination on Russia today , USA

a must watch documentary on Russia today about vaccinations and the side effects and damage they can cause, go on Russia today and look for , THE GREATER GOOD nearly all what I have been saying is on there, it also might still be on TV as the Documentary's are repeated through out the week. we are been told lies about vaccinations like I say it is a must watch if you are concerned about your health.

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  • Vaccinations not being good for you or actually not preventing what they are claimed to is a whole can of worms.

    The H1N1 vacccine is one example of many. What pandemic? What narcolepsy?

    Best not go there unless you have a very strong consitution.

    Anyway hi spartan300 !

    Sorry I've been quiet but I've been a bit ill lately, not coping too well atm myself.

    It happens. You know how it is.

    But hey, chin up and crack on !

  • I'm a regular with RT news online.

    I love the daily Kaiser report !

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