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I'm so sick of this body I'm left with. The other day I was cleaning out a cupboard when I tried to pick up a very heavy with my right hand. My right side side was left bust after my accident. It dropped on my foot and sorted out my injuries there, been saying to consultants ect I want that fixed. I did it with a drop. I thought due to this is was a good idea to take a hammer to my right arm to try and fix that, I was convinced it would work, a lot of bruising and lumps later and it hasn't helped at all. Any other ideas guys

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I really don't think using a hammer on your own arm is a good idea. I always advocate talking to your GP, they should be the first port of call. Now, these guys and girls are super busy, this means that sometimes they dont hear what your saying. Sure they are listening, but they dont hear you.

Your job is to make them hear, to make them understand where your coming from.

I wrote my GP a letter once and sat there while he read it. It was the only way I could get across what I wanted to say, how to make him understand how I felt.

Thats not much help I know, but at least you know someone is thinking about you....


I've advised them I will use a hammer, if they didn't take me seriously, I guess they didn't, they have had 4 years to help me and stopped a good while ago. I think the PTSD messed with my mind to a point I didn't care. It worked, I've even put mascara on with my right hand this morning with out the mascara falling out my hand and without holding my wrist hard. It worked yippee. I have called doctors this morning but rather than asking them for help, again, I just want to know why it worked. I'm covered in bruises and swelling but it's all worth it :)


Hi candy8candy,

NAH thats not a good idea at all.

Mind you I sometimes feel like hitting someone else with a blunt object, but that would not be a solution either.

I have an Occupational Therapist who has fabricated a disabled needs assessment report for my housing needs which is full of lies and she has never carried out the assessment either.

What do you do with these corrupt profesionals?

As I say violence is never a solution even against yourself.

The self inflicted pain may have focused your mind a little for a while, but overall the damage is done and it is also on your medical records.

You have to keep a lid on it while you learn to adapt. It takes a long time to adapt and accept your new bodily limitations. Trust me on this, I know. Its not easy and every day is still a reminder.

Talk to me about pain and your head not working properly? Talk to me all day!

Talk to me but don't hit yourself.

The idea is to recover as much as you are able to and not make it worse.

You have to work at recovery yourself and pushing yourself through that pain and anger barrier to achieve a better and more postive future. Thats what we do, not just for ourselves but for everyone around us and who is part of our lives.

I want to share a bit of positive there with you.

We all want to see you recover as best you can !!!

Love and respect to you xxx


Hi I also hae Two hammer toes not sure if this is linked to Fibromyalgia though.I see other people with hammer toes and they dont have fibromyalgia. 😊


I hope your recovery is going well and you have put the hammer away. It takes a darn long time and its exhausting, this recovery thing , but we will get there. Music is great for those angry moments and when I am feeling sorry for myself, I look at my lovely girls. Yes, I lost a lot but am so lucky compared to some. I hope that you are not posting much because you feel better and dont need the site as much. All the best to you and everyone else living with brain injury, particularly today, when the world is full of terror and there will be hundreds of people in Paris who will now be facing years of living with PTSE and utterly altered lives


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