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Robin Williams RIP, LOVED YOU all ways made me laugh

How many of us have been and are in that dark place that Robin was in,

it is only now that as a result of his death and conversations today that I now think I have had depression for nearly 8 years , one person who I was speaking to has depression and the other worked with someone who had it as well I have the same symptoms and feelings, they both think I have some form of depression, I have had an internal fight with myself since October 2006 all ways on edge jumpy stressed out strange scary feelings for no reason

and many more , I have a PTSD assessment on the 22nd of this month lets hope this will get rid of my Demons,

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I certainly hope your PTSD assessment goes in your favour. I know how much it means to get that support which comes from a diagnosis. Ain't it a struggle to get the diagnosis sometimes? or is it just me? I sometimes feel I just rub everyone up the wrong way.

Who is doing the assessment? Is it your GP? or a specialist?


psychological wellbeing practitioner at my GP not what I was expecting, thank you for the reply


That might be a better option than a "General" practitioner?

My GP is a bit too general lol


Getting a diagnosis just means you know what's wrong, from there you can move forwards. There are 1000's of things can cause a belly ache, you need to know what caused it to sort it out, the the mind is the same but more complex.


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