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Does your mind and body remember the date?

You know when at a certain time of every year when you are feeling down, confused, apprehensive and that something is just wrong?

You cannot put your finger on it and more often you arent consciously aware that something doesn't feel right?

Then after a week or two you will see something that will remind you of a date. THE date.

The day when your accident / event happened that changed your life for ever.

I have always had a feeling that in some psychological or almost genetic way that the date is imprinted on me.

How about you?

When I realised this date significance, the bad feelings dissipated around that time of year because I consciously remember and I am aware.

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Your possibly right on that one, I felt really down around the 21 July,

And realised after it was the day mum died.

I've never felt that way before.

But I think also I will remember forever the day I had my accident,which is only three months away .


For me it's totally the opposite, I feel very apprehensive as the time draws near to the date, it was a week before Christmas 2010, the feeling always starts a couple of weeks before and last a couple of days after, I guess it's the brain going into self defense mode fearing that the illness that nearly cost me my life will return, also the 3 months in ICU made sure I could never forget the date.

Unfortunately a lot of people will never understand the relevance of a date to people who have had a life threatening accident or illness that has turned their life upside down and changed it forever.


Not for my, my "event" for want of a better word spread evenly over 10 years so there were too many dates to remember.


I realised when I started this thread that people like your goodself have had many "events". Love and respect to you japaholic.

You have grown in strength and determination. I love your courage.


There is a certain kind of cloud that comes over some people as the date approaches without even realising it.

I am trying to describe it as an emotional memory, but more than that? A genetic imprint on your being? I don't know, but it is more than a conscious memory.


My date is next month and I've already started going down hill.


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