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Too many trauma programmes on tv!

Sange has inspired me to bring up a big issue for us PTSD sufferers and it's something we might be able to address?

The big issue is the huge amount of traumatic programmes and the content of ordinary programmes that contain traumatic drama as a normal event. The majority of tv contains images of abuse, arguments, aggression, hatred, confrontation, revenge, angry people, violence, murder, serial killers, victimisation of women and children, police, crime, gangs, prisons, crooks, gangsters, war programs and war history, police forensics, etc.

There is a total overload of nastiness on tv. Even kids tv is full of confrontation.

This is a big issue for anyone who has ptsd and experienced trauma related events.

I would like to hear if anyone else has picked up on how unpleasant tv content is? And the shear scale of nastiness in the majority of programmes?

I cannot watch TV much because of the scale of nastiness on it at all times of day.

I consciously don't want to watch confrontation and aggression because I've seen enough myself. I don't find it entertaining on tv.

This is my PTSD. I can't watch TV.

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That's why I gave up eastenders because it had a ridiculous amount of trauma on it, if it was real we would all be dead. There is a famous song that addresses out addiction to TV.

"T.V. is mechanized politic's

remote control over the masses

co-sponsored by environmentally safe gases

watch for the PBS special

It's the perpetuation of the two party system

where image takes precedence over wisdom

Where sound bite politics are served to

the fastfood culture

Where straight teeth in your mouth

are more important than the words

that come out of it"

That's why I gave up TV.....


I cannot watch TV. I really struggle to engage with any of it.

All of the programs are about people arguing fighting or treating each other badly. That's intbetween all the sexist and social stereotypes, that aren't even real.

The social and society models depicted on tv are so far off our world, they might as well be showing a different planet.


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