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A mobile app to support treatment for PTSD

Hi everyone, I just wanted to quickly share this. Maybe someone has already tried it? It's Free...

It was created by the US Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) . Here is how they describe it:

"PE Coach will guide you through the exercises assigned by your therapist and allows you to track and record your progress in treatment. In addition, the app provides you with techniques such as controlled breathing that will help you tolerate and decrease your distress. PE Coach will help you remember and track your upcoming therapy sessions. You and your therapist will be able to audio record your sessions directly onto your phone so that you can review them later as part of your treatment. "


Apple App Store:

Android Store:

Hope this is helpful!

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Personally I steer clear of anything created by the United States Government. They already monitor all our internet traffic, emails and phone calls I would not risk revealing my inner most thoughts to them. You may suddenly find yourself unable to get insurance and on a black list for this or that. Call me suspicious but they are fast becoming a police state.


I too share your concerns about data harvesting which they seem to be obtaining by any means possible.

Although the NSA works with GCGQ, the British GCHQ is far more intrusive and abusive of human rights or the legality of its actions than the NSA.

On a personal level I have adopted the new and growing movement called "non compliance" on anything for the authorities. They don't serve us or act in our best interests.

"Anonymous" is the tip of the iceberg of political dissent.

Too much money involved and changing hands between the large corporate groups and the nhs and government. Not good for our situation. Especially us "non tax payers" who seem to be viewed as an unnecessary burden.

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I will try it out through having an interest.

However in the UK options for obtaining any medical support or treatment for ptsd are very limited.

I saw my GP yesterday and he had nothing to offer because so many local treatment centres have been shut down or forced to close under austerity cut backs.

We don't have any local Mindfulness even.

For me, trauma counselling doesn't work, apart from attending my local Headway unit once a week, I remain isolated with no support myself and as the carer for another very ill and disabled person.

Carers don't exist in this country.

This is the UK.

Not having a go at you, please understand. But the situation here in the UK for obtaining healthcare or even basic support is grim.


I went via a charity, I think every GP surgery should have a psychologist attached, it would save money in the long run. The mind is much more complex than the body. It also needs care.


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