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been to doctors about my possible ptsd she said it is easy to spot but that is not what it said on ptsd global community, I have had this problem with all doctors they contradict experts and have their own ideas no matter what you say you will be wrong till of course you are proved right again as this has happened to me on too many occasions esp with my brain damage, asthma broken foot etc, anyway I am now waiting to see some doctor or whatever about my ptsd fingers crossed I might get this sorted?

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Hi spartan300, how are you getting on bud?

I know that one well with my Doctor contradicting or disagreeing with the expert specialist consultant.

A GP is by defenition a "general practitioner" and not a specialist.

We both share some very similar injuries.

I was trying to think about how having a BI would effect PTSD?

But the thinking wasnt happening it was just a blank.

I guess the combination of both has to make it more complex?

I certainly hope you get a diagnosis and some answers. It does take a time.


thank you for that mate, I am well today plenty of sunshine more vitamin D , because of my condition I need plenty of it I wonder if other people with brain damage are the same?


I have been heavily topping up on the suns rays in the style of a large heat sponge.

Vit D made by sunlight helps the immune system and I have a weakened immune system.

Heat certainly helps with the pain levels and also its very relaxing sitting in the warm sun with your eyes closed. I must admit I fell asleep yesterday on the garden bench with my head back against the fence. It was rather nice.


spot on that is what I do


If you can do a bit of research yourself and find a doctor who does know something about it. There are people to ask, the charity "mind" might be able to point you in the right direction or as a last resort CAB.

GPs are not known to be the most understanding bunch, if you can't measure the symptoms the problem doesn't exist.

Brains don't always work like that......


thank you I think I will wait now to see who I am seeing


Yes indeed the main interface for patients to access healthcare is more often the stalling point.

I have just been successful in having my complaint against two GP's accepted by the PHSO.

They were both in my opinion extremely unhelpful and did nothing to put the situation right.

Adds to the distress somewhat, but justice must be done otherwise I don't get critical healthcare and support.

It is a great pity it had to got his way, but I had to.


Hi there

I went through a charity thing and they referred me straight away to specialist to do some test.and yes I ve been diagnosed with PTSD.

Gp don't know about those things better go through 'mind'or ask your go to be referred to psychologist who can consider a referral.

Good luck and keep pushing to get tested for PTSD



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