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Does anyone Claim Personal independence Payments for PTSD/Anxiety??

Hi there,

I suffered a horrific labour of my first child in 2006, which was mishandled by the hospital which resulted in my son being placed on my chest "practically dead" and then whisked away to my right to be resuscitated for almost 10 minutes.. They revived him but as he was severely starved of oxygen he was brain damaged at birth and subsequently suffers from Cerebral Palsy.

Since this date I have been unable to work as I have developed a serious Generalised Anxiety Disorder as well as obviously PTSD.. I was always too embarrassed to claim any benefits but recently my treating psychiatrist has suggested I claim PIP,... So in October I did, quite reluctantly,, I have had a nightmare with ATOS and literally just had my assessment yesterday.. I struggle to leave the house full stop, I even would if I had an army of security guards.. Am Terribly agoraphobic, have a severe case of anxiety related ibs as well as social phobia too..

I'm just panicking incase they look at me see I'm walking fine and are fit and healthy, and deem me fit for work..

this is my first post.

Kind Regards


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Hi there

It really sounds you went through hell and I m sorry to hear that.

I don't know if you can claim but at least you're trying...we have to wait and see the response I suppose. When I was terribly agoraphobic(I couldn't t leave the house) I claimed ESA for few months till I got better..

Good luck and keep us posted



Thanks hun, I tried ESA initially, but as I haven't worked for 7 years and never paid tax for so long, and never claimed anything else I don't qualify for contribution based.. and my husband works full time too.. So cant get the other option.. but if he didn't work, I could claim, its a crazy system!!

I'm praying I get better :) xxxx


Hi and welcome.

I have DLA, same thing but mostly due to physical mobility and poor co-ordination.

I haven't looked into the new PIPS much yet because they said I would be reassessed in 2015. So I not sure what the requirements are and how much they have changed.


Thanks hayabusa <3 xx


Oh Rebecca....such a normal reaction! Just because you aren't bandaged up, covered in scars or on crutches, you worry that people will think you are fine! That is the trouble with mental disorders and one of the reasons why there is a strong lobby in the UK to take mental illness more seriously.

It is a genuine illness and I was off work for a long time. My doctor was sympathetic and the independent checks I had, in order to continue with what was then, incapacity benefit, were very positive. You've had a terrible experience. Forget about other people and what they might think. This is about you. You aren't fit to work and need qualified help and assessment. I'm sure you'll get it.



Thanks David, It would help us out so much. I had a great job and we lived comfortably, we just scrape through each month now so I've had no choice but to claim it x x x


I really hope you will get it xxx


Have you made an application yet? Any news?

I would recommend getting the help of someone who knows the ropes when filling the forms in. CAB or any local Community Law groups can help with benefits applciations.

PIPS claims can take 21 to 26 weeks according to the .gov website.


The PIP handbook download:


Hello there, so sorry to hear of your trauma. And wish you all the best with your PIP application. I've had PIP for some time and named chronic PTSD on the form. I am so glad ot get it as my own traumas had impact on my life. There is an organisation called Benefits and Work which you can join for a small fee which is an independent organisation which can support you if you need to appeal.

All the best



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