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Hello everybody my name is Steve, I served a little over 3 years in the U.S. Army. I was in the 101st Airborne and was deployed to Afghanistan in 2001. As most of us really enjoyed the military but thay don't tell you that you will more than likely suffer from what you will see and obviously have to do as you just follow orders. Personally I did not enjoy what I had to do sometimes. I did things and seen things nobody should. People who never been in a combat situation can not really understand what it is like. It is extremely loud, confusing, and you are scared but it is a job and not everyone can do it. I had a very good friend loose his life standing next to me as we was telling jokes and having a good time considering the situation. I had To take lives and was not proud of it. There was things I did that I wish I could change but can't. I have seen good men injured and killed from both sides that still bother me. I have a hard time sleeping from seeing things I feared in the first place. The little things like a smell or a loud noise will trigger a flashback or a thought that will make a good day turn bad really quick. I know I'm not the only person out there suffering from this. It is hard to talk about but not as hard to write about it. I personally would like to here what what good times and bad others have been threw and what helps them move on. Obviously I don't want to upset anyone or cause problems but really feel that it helps me to write about it. There are something's that DO NOT need to be said and those who have been in combat will know what I'm saying. Let's all show respect to everyone as this is not very easy to do.

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Hi Piper_Cub

Good to meet you. I agree, I think it really helps to write about it. I can't imagine how it must have been for you in combat.. and losing your friend that way too. Thank you for sharing your story.


Hello there Dryad,

I have not been on for a few weeks, but if you did some digging around on a few of my posts or reply's you will see a few story's or just a few things that lashed out and said on a bad day. I have had a very hard time this past month and finely broke down and went to the V.A. for help. I found out there are a lot morepeople going threw what iI am and it is a shame I waited this long for help. If it wasn't for this site, I truly think I would not be here.


Hi Steve,

My name is Colin and I am a British biker (Sports bikes, not crusiers). I've got a few mates stateside who are bikers and some are vets/ex military.

Some of our bike crowd here are ex military and I know a little of how they suffer, but most keep it to themsleves or share only with other ex military. Firstly I don't judge.

I was a senior professional in the construction industry and worked on major works all over the world but I am not on the OSA and have never worked on military projects. I was offered to work in Iraq as a freelance project manager for the reconstruction wokrs but I was till being treated for my bike smash injuries at the time and I would not have accepted because of the danger out there for civilian contractors.

I am happy to talk to you anytime, I am not a shy lad, but I have got respect for others.

Well I'm not a lad either, I'm 54 years old. lol


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