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Hand Clenching

As my MIL's PSP has progressed she has developed tightly clenched hands with the thumbs going between the index and middle fingers. She cannot open them on her own and it has reached the stage that one hand seems to be developing a yeasty smell as the air just doesn't get to it properly. I noticed the other day that once I managed to get her hand to open it would suddenly relax so I had an idea that is helping so far: I found two soft cotton bandage rolls in the house that I guess are about 2 1/2 inches across rolled up. I also found some tubular bandage that I cut off to be just long enough to put over the rolled cotton bandage to make a soft, absorbent but lightweight support that I put into her hands to hold. They are large enough that the gripping reflex doesn't kick in and her hands are relaxed. She indicates that they are very comfortable. Early days yet but we will see how it goes.

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great idea - i will think about using one on my left hand which does 'spasm'


My mum also had the hand clenching condition. I implemented a similar idea, which included assistance with regular hand washing and ensuring her nails were kept short. D


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