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Co-Enzyme Q10

i crossed the border into the USA on the weekend. They sell it in 400 milligram capsules. In Canadian drug stores we can only get 100 milligram capsules! If Dad has to take say 1200 milligrams a day, 3 pills is way easier for him to take than 12 with all the swallowing and choking issues!!

Before we discuss this with his neurologist, I would be VERY interested in hearing from PSP patients or their caregivers about their experience with it.

Thank you!


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hi mj


hi mj

i a,m taking 1 day of co e 10 x120 mg - not noticed any differfence either way but no harm either

BUT it is 120 MG NOT GRAMMeS

Luv jill


There is a health products company in North Dakota that sells 400 mg. of CoQ10 for $8.49 for 30 softgels plus shipping. They are at


Hi I buy my 400 units of CoenzQ10 at Nutraways in Vancouver it will save you al trip south. My wife uses 2400 per day -6 pills with yoghourt. We buy it on line.

Richard in Victoria


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