Hi all,

Can any body give me any info on haveing a camera
stuck down your throat, i have been told by my gp
that i will have to go in to hospital in the next couple
of weeks to have the camera put down to see whats
causeing my stomach trouble, There is two ways they
can do it they numb your throat with spray or put you
out can any one advise me on which one is best thanks
for any info you can give,

kind regards


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29 Replies

  • Hi Ray

    I had this done many years ago when I was 13 or fourteen years old. I had neither the spray nor was I put out for the procedure. I managed to swallow the tube at the second attempt. Fortunately they have progressed since then and you have two choices. I suppose it depends a lot on how nervous you feel about the whole process.
    If you are the calm type you could opt for the spray and not have the after effects of anaesthesia. At least now they are trying to get to the bottom of your problem.

    My very best wishes
  • hi lina.

    hope your keeping well thanks very much for
    the info i think if im awake while they do it i am
    going to gag i know i will but i will wait and see
    what they have to say befor makeing my mind up
    take care,

  • Hi
    I think yours is a wise decision.

    Kind regards
  • hi lina,
    hope your keeping well just a quick update about
    haveing the camera down i have a appointment
    to have it down thursday 15 sept i recived all the
    paper work the other day they have changed the
    way its done now the endosopes are a lot slimmer
    now so they are now able to guide it through the
    nose and into the gullet,and they just use anaesthetic
    spray to numb the nose so that doesnt sound quite as

    take care

  • hi Ray
    how r u despite the stomach probelms?
    i had the same procedure a few uears ago and it was difficult to swallow the thing b4 the swallowign problems i now haave with psp
    so i would suggest the anaesethetic fi you r at all nervous about it

    itis a short procedure so the anaesthetric wouod not have to be too much
    love jill
  • hi jill,
    hope your keeping well im not to bad thanks apart
    from the stomach trouble and i seem to have lost
    alot of my strengh i dont know if its conected to
    the other probs im haveing or not but im going to
    the psp/cbd clinic at addenbrooks in a couple of
    weeks time so i will see what dr rowe has to say thanks
    for the info you take care

    luv ray
  • Hi Ray,

    Haven't had the experience myself but have seen it done several times in the course of my work. My observation is that it depends how strong your gag reflex is. All of the ones I have observed the patients have had the spray and most were fine. There were one or two people who had a strong gag reflex and become quite distressed but were able to go ahead without anaesthetic. Wait and see is probably the best option.

  • hi hmfsli,
    hope your keeping well i tend to gag when i put food
    or drink in my mouth with out concentrating so i dont
    know what i will be like haveing that put down there
    but we will wait and see thanks for the info take care

  • Hi
    I have watched my friend have this done and I would recommend having a sedative, if it it was me.She was nervous and gags easily and it still makes you gag but you are not really aware and she could not remember any of it.
    Good luck
  • hi pinda,
    hope your keeping well i tend to gag very easy
    even when i eat or drink so i dont know weather
    they let you try the spray first and if that dosent work
    perhaps they will knock me out thanks for the info
    take care

  • you would have to ask, but knowing several people who have had it done , go for the sedative,especially if you gag easily already.
    Take care
  • Have the sedative! You will be cared for whilst recovering from it, the gagging is an awful experience, even though you recover more quickly. Hope it all goes well for you Ray and that the problem can be solved for you.

  • hi kay,

    hope your keeping well i think your right i gag
    very easy since ive had cbd my throat is not as
    strong as it was thanks for the information you
    take care and have a good day,

    ray xx
  • Hi Ray. I've had this done two or three times and each time I had a light sedative. I woke up afterwards very naturally, just like waking from normal sleep and no side effects at all. I'm sure you'll be fine.Try not to worry. Mind you if the doc appears with a Fuji camera on a tripod I'd have a word!!!! SheilaN
  • hi sheilan

    hope your keeping well if the doc appears with a tripod
    and camera i wont be bending over in front of him just
    in case he dont know which end its going in lol, Did you
    get a choice of sedative or spray or do they decide thanks
    for the info you take care,

  • No I wasn't given a choice. I lived in Germany at the time, maybe they just use sedatives. My husband also had one looking through his rear end and he had nothing beforehand....watched the pictures and chatted to the doc throughout the entire proceedings! Take the sedative!!!
  • hi sheila,

    thanks for the info its much appreciated
    and thanks for takeing the time to reply
    take care,

  • hi sheila,
    hope your keeping well just to keep you
    up to date i have just recived all the paper
    work from the hospital ref camera down the
    throat and i was very serprised how they now
    do it, They now have very advanced endoscopes
    which are slimmer so they can now guide the
    endoscope through the nose and into the gullet
    and they use an anaesthetic spray to numb the
    nose so that sounds better take care,

  • Hi Ray. You sound very reassured about the procedure, that's great. The wonders of modern science eh? You won't even have to go to Boots to get the pictures developed!
    Take care
  • hi sheilan,
    yes i am quite reassured about
    the hole thing now as long as they
    do what the paper work says ill be
    ok, i had a camera stuck up my nose
    and down my throat a couple of months
    ago to look at my swallowing and that
    was easy didnt even numb it lol thanks
    for the reply take care,

  • Hi Ray

    Sorry you are having stomach problems. My friend has just had an endoscopy and she doesn't have your swallowing problems. She had the spray but said that given a choice she would definitely have opted for an anaesthetic as it was not at all easy to swallow the tube. I know that ultimately the decision is yours, but thought one more comment from someone who has already had the experience, might help. Hope whichever you choose that it is over quickly and they can get to the bottom of your problem.

    Take care..............SuzeiQ x
  • hi suzieq,

    hope your keeping well yes my stomach problems
    dont seem to be getting any better the gp said its
    probley acid in the guts but the meds he gave me
    have made no difference, when your friend had an
    endoscopy was she given a choice of spray or anaesthetic
    or did she have to take what they gave her, i phoned the hospital
    this morning to book my appoinment and the first available
    slot is not untill thursday 15 september at 3 15 so ive got a week
    or so to wait, I will have to talk to them about the problems
    i get when i swallow anything as i choke when i eat or drink
    if i dont concentrate on what im doing, well thanks for the info
    and take care of your self,

    ray xx
  • Hi Ray
    Unfortunately she didn't have the choice, but she said that if you have your sort of problems you should INSIST that you have an anaesthetic. Sadly, not enough people understand CBD or PSP and the associated problems, so I think you will have to be quite forceful to get the anaesthetic if that's what you decide to go for. Good luck with whatever decision you make. We shall all be thinking of you on the 15th.

    Take care..............SuzieQ xx
  • hi suzieq,

    thanks for the info i know what you mean about
    not enough people understand cbd/psp i bet you
    what you like when i go to the hospital and tell them
    what ive got wrong with me they wont have a clue about
    it, thanks for takeing the time to reply i do appreciate it
    you take care,

    ray xx
  • hi suzieq,

    hope your keeping well just to keep you up to date
    i just got all the paper work from the hospital ref camera
    down the throat and they have now become more
    advanced the endoscopes are now a lot slimmer so
    they now put it up your nose and into the gullet after
    spraying the nose with anaesthetic spray to numb it
    so that sounds a better way to do it,

    take care.............ray xx
  • hi ray
    have you adh the camera work done?
    how was it?
    ok i hope
    plz let us know on the site
    lvoe jill
  • hi jill,
    hope your keeping well yes i had the camera this
    afternoon it was horrible they stuck it up my nose
    and down my gullit they took three biopsys and they
    are sending them off to the lab but i will have to wait
    4 weeks for the results , they sprayed stuff up the nose
    to numb it and you could feel the camera going all the
    way down hope i dont have to have that again,
    you take care

    luv ray
  • hi ryrrrrrau
    yes it is horrible - were u offered a sedative/,mild amaesthetic or npt?
    \myway it is done now

    i fell down stairs backwards last week - 1st time i have lost my balancce that way = always been fwds b4
    BUt i am so lucky = no concusiion adn they haveg luedmmy head aback together - no staples or stitches
    love jill
  • hi jillann,
    they said i could be put out but i would have to stay in
    hospital for up to 4 hours or they would numb my throat
    then put the camera down or numb the nose and stick
    it up there so i choose that one because they said it wouldnt
    make you gag, i throught people with psp always fell backwards
    not forwards you where very lucky not to get badly hurt you need
    to take more care when you are useing the stairs i have had a few
    falls but always in doors so i have had something soft to land on
    im very carefull on the stairs , im glad you didnt have to have staples
    or stitches you take good care of your self,

    luv ray xx


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