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Help inform us on the services you need

We are running an online survey to help us understand where the difficulties are for you in getting the support and services you need.

By taking part in this survey we will be able to gather the information to lobby the UK government and other key policy makers aimed at improving services for people with PSP and their carers.

Survey for those living with PSP:

Survey for carers / former carers of someone with PSP:

The survey has been created in partnership with the Neurological Commissioning Support so this a big step forward in getting healthcare Commissioners to pay attention to the needs of those with PSP, which would definately be good news!

We have just 6 weeks to gather this information (from 1st September to 14th October) and need at least 1,000 people to take part, so if you could take the survey, then forward it on to other members of your family we would be so grateful.

Thank you

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