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Something to make you smile?!? :-)

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My Mum's oldest friend has an elderly Jack Russell who has been a bit under the weather recently. The vet said they should get a urine sample from the dog. I was telling Mum and Dad the latest news and when I got to the bit about getting a urine sample Mum's face and eyes lit up and she began to giggle! :-) Her shoulders were shaking and her eyes were bright with tears of laughter. Obviously, the mental image of her dearest friend following the dog around the garden trying to catch some wee in a pot amused her no end!!

It was so lovely to see her like that as she seldom smiles, let alone laughs, these days.

It's the little things like this that keep us going!

Hope you are all smiling now ;-)

love Kathy xxxx

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Good of u to share it with us k

Lol Jill



Love it:) I remember those times when my dad chuckled at something that was said when he couldn't do anything else. Your story brought back those happy memories which sometimes get lost in the midst of the bad memories and gave me a lovely mental vision of my dad at those times. Thanks for sharing it Kathy. (Also just like your mum's friend I have been running round the garden trying to get a doggie urine sample:) I know how she feels)

My love to you and your mum

Lesley x

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Kathy in reply to LesleyB


Hope you managed to get the sample!!

So glad this reminded you of good times with your Dad :-)

lots of love xxx

This is lovely- a great reminder of how much of your mum is still with you!

So pleased you have seen your mom chuckling again. I can only imagine how difficult getting a doggie sample must be!

Thank you for sharing and love to you and your mom.

Take care.....................SuzieQ x

Very sweet and feel good story,Kathy!Certainly, moments like these help you keep going and trying for the best.Thanks very much for the smile that you offered us!

Kathy, your comment is like a breath of fresh air :-) My mum too still has the odd chuckle - usually at the same things she has always found funny - she has such an irreverent sense of humour. I LOVE it when she laughs.


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Kathy in reply to CateT

Hi Cate,

:-) glad to have been of service!! xx

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