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My Dad is a star!

My Dad is an absolute star!

I know it is not unusual for daughters to think well of their Dads but I can give you several very good reasons why I am right in saying this.

* Dad has had to adapt to major changes in the last 3 and a half years

* He does all the menu-planning, shopping and cooking

* He does the laundry, including changing the sheets in the middle of the night when Mum has an accident

* He dispenses medication

* He is Mum's main carer, on duty 24/7

* Since Mum fell and broke her leg last August he has literally turned his life upside down with the living room also becoming the bedroom

Don't get me wrong he is no saint and he gets frustrated with Mum from time to time but with Fathers Day coming up it is only right to pay tribute to my wonderful Dad.

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You're too right!! He is amazing!


Father's Day and Carer's Week in the same week...double the reasons to celebrate your wonderful Dad!


He is a star :) PSP turns everyone's life upside down. Of course he gets frustrated at times; I don't even live near my mum, and she's in nursing care- but I still get wildly frustrated with it all at times. Your dad is lucky having you about to vent at!


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