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  • Hi Fiona,

    Are there any other links that you could put on here for your blogs, as these aren't opening. Thanks,


  • I've corrected the links so they should work now. Interesting reading.

  • Fiona,

    I've edited your original blog so that the links do open now (an errant 's' after the http...) Usually cutting and pasting the address from the browser into your blog post does work so hopefully you'll be able to share links very easily in future. They make interesting reading so thank you for sharing these; welcome to the site and I'm sure that other members will really benefit from reading your own journey with ME and your mum's experience with PSP.


  • hi FIONA

    hanks 4 your commments!

    Kat thePSP nurse has been excellent an d iThink she covers your area 2?

    Love jill

    ps another excitiing day 2day

    "-hair do(colourr / cut the works ,)as i can non longer brush my curly locks myself

  • Jill,

    I never brush my own curly locks- a comb through when it's washed and after that it's got a mind of it's own ;) I like getting my hair done and I'm sure you'll be only gorgeous after the adventure. It's good to have something to be doing every day- anticipation and achievement can't be beaten!

    I was with Kat yesterday at a support group meeting- she's such a support.

    Have fun today

    Fiona x

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