How about an exercise bike?

I 've read that its recommended for parkinson's patients.Since psp is an atypical Parkinsonism,do you think it's a good idea?

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  • We live in England and rent a "motor med" from a Welsh-based company. The motor-med is available at the day centre which my husband attends, but renting one enables him to use it virtually every day to exercise. It provides both active and passive exercise for the arms and legs (not both at the same time!) whilst the person using it is sat in a wheelchair.

  • I have bought Ronnie a small exercise bike that he can use sitting in the chair I do find it helps to improve his leg muscles rather than trying to walk him around which I am finding increasing harder to do. If nothing else it gives him something to do and think about

  • hi john

    yes i need to get on a bike

    i used to have a bike then gave it up as the roads were dangerous

    then i worke dou tinia gym iwth one

    hapy easterot you and your family

    loll jill

  • Thanks so much to all of you for the answers.Tomorrow i 'll start looking for a bike.Happy Easter to you Jill,happy Easter to all.

  • Hi John

    My wife uses an exercise bike. We were recommended to get the type with a motor because the exercise is not only for muscle tone but to move fluids around the legs. Good luck.


  • Thanks very much for your help,OldTimePete.Best wishes to you and your wife.

  • Hi John - a motorized pedelar is a great move since the person with PSP can sit in their chair or wheelchair and exercise vs. an exercise bike in which there will be a time that they will not be able to balance themselves on the bike seat. My dad had one and it was great. Got the blood pumping, heart rate up, helped with constipation and made my dad feel very good.

  • Thanks very much,Danielle.I 've found a recumbent bike with a chair-like seat,so i think it 'll be convenient for my father.Yes,i hope that apart from the physical benefits,there 'll be a positive effect in his psychology.

  • hijohn

    i used to love using a recumbent bike when i used to go to theh gym and itm is great for the exercise without back ro neck probelms

    you r doilng so mcuh for your dad i hope it does help him

    lol JIll

  • Thanks a lot,Jill!You are always so willing to help.I wish you the best with your move!

  • Excellent idea, all of the studies and observations show exercise of almost any sort if done safely is of benefit, not only for PSP, but the the health of the whole body and person. It can be very dull using an exercise bike however, and I always use music or DVD player or laptop. A fan is a must if you are indoors and don't want to get too sweaty. I wouldn't want you to waste your money, but do try one and think carefully before buying. If you ever go to a tip you will see they are full of discarded exercise bikes, which were either too cheap and not up to the job, or the owners weren't up to the job! Happy pedalling! x

  • Thanks so much,Vitruvian!Finally,we bought a recumbent bike and my father seems to enjoy it, as he asks us frequently to help him getting on it.I 'll try your tip with music, it looks like a very good idea.

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