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Update as promised


Hi all you lovely people who answered my plea for 'any advice please at this stage'. I had the Physio and OT visit yesterday they assessed my caring problems, I told them about this blog and your advice on what you yourselves are using, and they agreed I need a electric stand/return machine, there are two types available, they ordered one yesterday and it arrived today, the ot will be back tomorrow to demonstrate how to use it, I think the service is wonderful, hope it will make my caring easier, especially .my back, should this not be suitable for me they can change it, also ordered a tray for John to clip to his armchair for feeding, and recommended paracetamol in liquid form as John now struggles to swallow tablets, they get stuck in his throat and then starts to burn.

By the way they think this blog is great for us to discuss our problems and help each other out, as we're all in the same boat and can benefit from sympathetic understanding. I feel so much better today, and know they will be there for any further stages. Thanks and bless you all love xxx Jean

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I am glad things seem to be heading in the right direction. You are going to find as time goes on the things you do and use will evolve. Don't be afraid to let the care team know of any challenges you are having.

Wishing you the best!


That's wonderful Servena. So happy you have been successful in getting the equipment & support you need.

A good care team is worth a million.

Sending hugs of celebration... Granni B


Glad to see your getting things for your help just keep at them if you need anything else

Sue xx

Dear Jean

So glad to hear that you are now getting help from OT. I can't fault ours, or the DN's. Don't be afraid to ask for help, it is out there.

I now crush all meds for Chris and am going to have to modify his diet again. So we keep on keeping on.



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