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Did you know that proceeds from my book - The PSP Chronicles are pledged to PSPA and Cure PSP?


This a review my book The PSP Chronicles received today by Bookaholic. It validates the writing style I chose - simplistic. The book lends itself to a broader readership, even if Progressive Supranuclear Palsy can be a bit of a tongue twister.

The Review

This turned out to be a big surprise to me. Being familiar with the symptoms of both ALS and Parkinsons, I really thought this would be a downer to read. However, while it was a good insight to a man’s thoughts while knowing what his future would look like, it was also educational and truly had the occasional bit of humor we all need to get through life each day. Although you would think a book about such illness would be sad but in truth, while the whole darned subject is sad, this was not written in that manner.

I also thought it would read or seem clinical in its reading format. While it does deal with many doctor’s appointments and explanations, it’s interesting and fairly easy to read. It is called a memoir. I think a better description might be a person’s daily diary as they try to get through each day, as they must progressively deal with more and more deterioration.

Among all of the things I have written, I should also say that this book is written by a man who worked in a factory, had an autistic son and a great wife, but never conspired to write or become an author. He is an everyday person just like the rest of us only living with the onset of a horrible disease. While his aim might not have been to become an author, he has most certainly done so with this book. It’s well laid out and easy to read. Educational as I have said, but laid out so that even a layman can understand.

He is of such strong spirit. I hope this book will be an inspiration to many people to come, be they readers, caregivers, or people diagnosed with this or any such devastating illness.

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An excellent and truthful review. I appreciate you sharing that here on the PSP site. My wish is that everyone finds time to read it. I read it after my son had died from PSP, and found you such an inspiration.

I too enjoyed your book and am waiting for the sequel. When do you think that will be?


daddyt in reply to enjoysalud

That is my wish too M. We have so many members that could unknowingly make the difference towards finding a treatment-cure.

Tim xx

daddyt in reply to enjoysalud

I'm working on it now. The material is all there - trying to clean the manuscript up before it goes off to the editor.

Tim xx

enjoysalud in reply to daddyt

Oh good!!!!!


Wow what a fabulous review, you must feel so proud getting recognised in such a way outside of our PSP community. Congratulations.

daddyt in reply to AJK2001

Thank you and yes, it does make me proud. The book project(s) was challenging for me and even the publishing team. The book subject matter is obvious to us in the PSP world wide community, but it does transcends a number of different genres - Volume 2 will be just as a hard to nail down.

Tim xx

Wow icecream man! You certainly made your mark?

Did I tell you my tablet is on the way out? Amazed if I can send an email now! Have looked for new one so think I am going to sort that out by the weekend. Just hope I can get back to everyone! Will go against my ideals and buy your book from Amazon then! Would only do this for a fellow ice cream lover you know?

Hugs to you.

Marie x

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