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Just back from hospital appt to discuss a peg .Our doc quite keen but surgeon thinks we should wait as Duncan still eating quite well though choking quite a lot on mainly liquids even when thickened.Our doc thought to do it sooner while he is able but hospital said they would do it quickly if it gets urgent.So we have put it of for now.Hope it is right decision.Sometimes you just want to be told what to do.

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My husband was in a similar situation. The hospice said he should have the PEG fitted but he was managing puréed food and thickened drinks so I asked to see the specialist at the hospital before making a decision. He had a swallowing X-ray with soft food and thickened drink and the surgeon agreed with me, that it wasn’t necessary at the time. He said every procedure has risks and he didn’t want to risk it before it was absolutely necessary. It was two years later that he eventually had one fitted. Then he couldn’t eat enough without getting tired, was losing weight, had a pressure sore that wouldn’t heal and was constipated. Once the PEG was fitted the sore healed quickly, he put on weight and was no longer constipated. It was my husband who made the final decision when he was told the benefits.

I did a lot through instinct and gut feeling. You know Jack better than anyone else. What is good for one person may not be for someone else so you have probably made the right decision.

Best wishes.


The old bag having a peg fitted, was the best thing that could have happened. Her total health improved because you can get enough fluids, nutrition and medication when there is an off day. In my opinion an early fitment would have stopped hospital admissions and sharp declines.

Your decision sounds very sensible - particularly given your surgeons commitment to a speedy procedure when necessary. Let him enjoy some memorable meals while he can!

Xx Anne G.

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