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Flat tyre !


I spent 2 hours earlier trying to put my spare wheel on the car , still needs some tightening before I can go get a new tyre but the hardest part was having a supervisor and then trying to stop hubby from trying to help ! He managed to lift his foot up onto the tyre lever but couldn't make it budge, he has problems with his knees so I was able to blame his knees but it is very hard trying to stay calm and not tell him to get out of the way as he was making the job even harder !

In the end I told him my legs hurt too much (which is true) and I will have a go again later or early in the morning whilst he is nodding. Couldn't face the idea of having to pick him up off the ground. Very frustrating !

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Good for you having a go though, hope you get it done, without supervision xxx

Your post made me chuckle (sorry laughing with you not at) I could just imagine the scene. My hubby would have been all over that like a rash and then a massive fall. You did extremely well to avert a disaster there.

Hope you can get it tightened and off to the garage without further assistance!!! Thank you for sharing

Love Tippy


PSP makes for the most unusual trials.

It must have been a nightmare, but like Typyleaf I think there is a funny side.

Do get them tight before you drive. Otherwise the wheel can vibrate and shear the nut heads off... then the wheel falls off... dangerous... I have had it happen.

Get a telescopic wheel wrench? So much better than the silly short things put in car boots, not expensive.) They can undo the tightest nuts with ease and do them up again very tight.


Strength to you (sic) :)


patch33 in reply to Kevin_1

Thanks Kevin will have a look for one of those. Turned out I had actually tightened them enough but as they were an odd shape there was a bit sticking out, a neighbour had a look and said I would be ok so the tyre is now repaired back in place and they even checked the pressure in the other tyres and put the spare back in place which would have been very hard for me to do under the car.

If I had been on my own yesterday I would probably have figured it out in the end but it's all the extra pressure of the supervisor , just makes my mind fog over !

Oh well I shall have a story to tell my friends tomorrow (one of whom is also a carer and understands).



Right on! Sometimes I don't know what is/was worse: the apathy and not helping with anything (even as bags of groceries spill on the ground, me trying to get them into the car) or trying to help and making a royal muddle of it! ;-)

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