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What a hoot


My mother-in-law is really quite poorly with PSP. As mentioned before in this forum she is in a nursing home getting excellent care, but is rapidly going downhill. Luckily she's only round the corner so we get to see her all the time. Unable to walk or move her arms, her speech has almost gone and she is now on thickened liquids. She recently had a spell in hospital with aspirational vomiting but is ok now. As I know you all appreciate, it's a tough, emotional rollercoaster and thank heavens for this forum.

Anyway, we had a laugh yesterday, which helped put everything into perspective. It involved a txt exchange with my husband when he was visiting his mum yesterday:

Him: Hiya with Mum in her room, she is being dad at the moment. A bit erratic so far but nothing out of the norm for her. Hope you got away ok. See you soon.

Me: Well that's abit odd. That's a new one.

Him: Sorry not 'Dad' 😂😂 'fed'.

You've got to love predictive text.

Onwards and upwards.

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Hi Clare

Nice one.

Addictive text catches me out so often. ;)

I'm glad your Mum is so settled and you are all getting good times.


Sent from my mobile - grin.

That made me smile. There can be some very funny moments with PSP. Make the most of them XxxX

Funny xxx

Gee I didnt see the "error" - I thought "being Dad" was a particular pattern of behaviour understood by your family (!). It certainly would have been in my family, lol :-)

Anne G.

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