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Blefharitis on PSP patients.


I am interested in learning about your experiences to treat blepharitis in a patient with PSP. Drops of physiological serum or artificial tear have stopped being effective.

Thank you.


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Hi Luis

I'm afraid I probably have nothing that you don't already know on this. Here's my take for what its worth.

Tear ducts produce both a saline solution and an oil to lubricate the eyes.

" ... Using a warm moist compress – to make the oil produced by the glands around more runny. Gently massaging eyelids – to push the oils out of the glands

Cleaning the eyelids – to wipe away any excess oil and remove any crusts, bacteria, dust or grime that might have built up."

Then consider a liposomal spray:

Liposomal sprays are over-the-counter medications that aren't available on a prescription. They are sprayed on to the edges of your eyelids when your eyes are closed. When the eyes are opened they spread across the eyes as an oily film lubricating them and protecting them.

I hope this is of some use.

Hugs to you


Thank you Kevin.



I’ve had blepharitis for decades. Every morning I gently wash my eye lids with a few drops of no tears baby shampoo on a wash cloth. It helps to control it.

Thank you Jeff.



My husband also bathes (cleans) his eyes sometime couple of times a day with Baby shampoo and also places warm wet cloth on for a while. dr prescribed some special wash for him but it was so expensive and baby shampoo worked best

Thank you.

Best Regards


I have found the Baby shampoo treatment helps, doc says has to be Johnsons for some reason. Xxxx

Thank you Katie,



Are you referring to closing of the eyelids involuntarily?If so,Botox injections are supposed to help.My late husband had that severely.He had to pry his eyelids open with his hand.The Botox helped some,not a lot.

Thank you JantheNana!

Fortunately, my wife does not suffer from the problem of closing of the eyelids involuntarily. I take note of your experience.

Blepharitis is an inflammation at the edge of the eyelid.

In the case of a patient with PSP, it seems that it starts due to the ocular dryness that can lead to a bacterial infection of the eyelid.

Would this manifest as excessive tearing of the eye?

Hi Baytalon!

Thanks for your comment.

"Not tears.

Not tearing.

Only inflammation at the upper eyelid.

After consulting with an ophthalmologist and diagnosing a stye or chalazion, the treatment that we now apply (3 times a day) is:

-Johnson baby soap to wahs up.

-Apply hot (40ºC-50ºC) sterile gauzes

-Aureomycin 5mg/g ointment.

-Saline serum on demand."



Thank you Luis. My husband had complained about tearing, but so far shows no inflammation symptoms. So much for us still to learn.

Yes, we also used baby shampoo for twice daily cleansing and that helped. And holding a warm, moist towel against the closed eyes was part of the regimen. That was very soothing for my father.

Thank you "rriddle"



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