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Airbags for handicaps at the Las Vegas Hi Tech Circus

I saw yesterday on TV that an inventor presented an airbag for handicapped people. I thought it could be useful one day for PSP people.

After a bit more thought I wondered if a permanent thick protection (in particular for the back) associated with a helmet would not provide enough protection to PSP sufferers to let them move as they wish. As long as they do not brake too many things in the appartements when they fall. Last fall of my wife, she broke a small table, a spendid lamp on it and the telephone. But herself; nothing!

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Hi loustalet... Yes, and I have some horrific pictures of Liz with head and face injuries. The problem with PSP is that most sufferers being risk unaware (or risk stubborn) they can out themselves into terrible danger frequently with horrible consequences.

I wonder if anything other than close supervision is enough.

I don't know, but it's good to see these things being addressed.


I agree with everything you say! Sadly.

The electric chair seems to be a better option but that will not eliminate the need for close supervision because of their inaptitude to recognize their inabilities.

And I hope one day to be able to convince my wife to wear a helmet! That may take a few more falls with injuries!

All that is very sad!

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