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Alternative to Hoyer lift

Dan is suddenly having a hard time putting his legs down to stand or transfer. Yesterday even our two strong sons could not hold him up to transfer him from his staircase chair to a wheelchair . He looked terrified. I plan to order a hospital bed tomorrow and get it as soon as possible , but any ideas on transferring . Is the hoyer lift the only option?

We are now also struggling with what to do regarding the steroid infusions. First is, are they working, are they making him worse. Next is, how do we get him there. I don’t know if we can get him in the car. I apologize for freaking out. We probably just need to always have an additional person.

.Each new change is tough . I would give anything if he could just talk to us. I know he’s down and scared. I try to hug him and tell him how much I love him and tease him a little about how handsome he is. I just hope he feels it. Sad


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My guy didn't mind the hoyer. Wish I could give it to you to try. It's a clothes rack for me now.


Karyn, Are you sure his legs have totally given up? I thought that had happened to my husband as did the carers but he actually had pneumonia! Has he been checked out? Just in case!

There is nothing as far as I am aware apart from a hoist should he have totally lost the use of his legs.

What you tell him and the love you give him will help you both get through this. He will know how much he is loved. In the end that's all that matters?

Marie x

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My husband really suffers after high levels of activity. After a couple/three days he settles back into the normal(?) routine and improves. Scary and sad all around.


If you are in the states medicare at least 3 years ago would help you get a hospital bed and Hoyer lift. I rented electric bed for 13 months at 50 per month. The Hoyer lift was payed for by medicare. Hope this helps. If you lived close to me I would just give you the hospital bed I have. My wife does not need it. She has been in Nursing Facility for over three years. We are now near the end. It is going to be over in just a few days. Good luck to you


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