For my Dad, I wrote this last night, after I had a bad day

Nothing with Psp is simple or easy

Everything about it makes you almost queasy

One minute everything is doable

And the next minute the inevitable

You watch and and you cry

Unable to help, unable to get by

Normal daily activities become impossible

You scream and you shout, because we are responsible

We are responsible for those we love

And we try to hold them in kid gloves

We care for them, we share with them

But you know Psp is just robbing them

We want to keep them safe from harm

And hold them safely in our arms

Be it from falling each and every day

We must keep them out of harms way

And then the journey may go further on

Where sadly things go badly wrong

You can no longer keep your loved one close

And so now someone else must keep a nose

A nose you now have to trust

With all your heart is a must

Your darling is now in a home

And sadly without you there 24/7 is all alone

Your brain is constantly in a whir

Your thinking , dreaming, screaming err!!

Look after my love as I would please

Before my darling has to leave

He is so precious, just like gold,

He may be ill and he may be old

But he’s a darling, he’s so sweet

All I’ll say is, look after him like a treat!

He won’t moan or ask for owt

Don’t wanna cause no trouble that’s no doubt!

Proper lovely is my dad

But with Psp he is so sad!!!

Can you blame him? I cannot

I couldn’t do it, I kid you not

My dad is so brave and so kind

And my darling dad you are forever on my mind!!!

When we’re with you we try to keep you smiling

Not always possible and as I leave the tears start coming

The journey of Psp is simply heartbreaking

But one day I pray you’ll go peacefully my darling


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  • Beautiful Amanda!

    Sending big hug and much love

    Lots of love


  • Aww thanks Anne! Big hugs back my darling x

  • Tears in my eyes reading this. I have been through this with my dad, so I know the feeling. You pray for a peaceful end to the suffering and when it comes you are never ready.

  • Bless you, thank you for sharing x

  • Oh my goodness Amanda !!!......that has brought fresh tears this morning for me.... beautifully written poem and it resonates so much with me and my mum.

    So heartfelt .... your Dad is so loved by you . You are doing an amazing thing caring for him like you do .

    Hope today is a better day for you ....

    Sending much love today

    Jude xxx

  • Bless you Jude! Sorry for bringing tears though x

  • That is lovely xx

    Love and hugs

    Helen xxx

  • Thank you Helen

    It helped me last night to write down how I feel x

  • ❤❤❤❤

  • Great Amanda

    Says it all.

    Sorry you had a tough time.




  • Thanks Kevin, how are you and Liz doing? X

  • Hi

    Its tough.

    Liz hates being in the home. She complains about some of the staff. She is loosing weight badly. Some of it, I think is down to half hearted feeding and Liz just giving up with the person feeding her because they are not encouraging.

    When she comes home its great, but twenty minutes before she is due to go back she tries to make me multi task on top of multi task and tries to sabotage the leaving.

    Its all a bit heartbreaking.




  • More than a bit heartbreaking isn’t it Kevin x

  • Feeling sad for you both, this illness is so wretched for sufferer and carer. I want to scream. You have managed for so long and been such a support to many of us on here. I hope things improve with staffing for Liz. Xx

  • How lovely, I feel the same about my dad xx

  • So hard isn’t it?! X

  • Yes, desperately sad. Today my Dad said he was hopeless, whilst signing his name on Christmas cards I'd wrote out for him. Makes me sad just thinking about it.

  • Bless him my dad says that too! Heartbreaking x

  • Amanda lovely lovely brought tears to my eyes, so true, you have been an amazing daughter, you have done more than a lot of children would. Sending you a big hug. Yvonne xxxx

  • Awe thanks Yvonne!

    How’s you and dear George? X

  • Amanda he is coughing and choking so much frightening, happy Christmas hope you have a good one and get some rest. Big hug. Yvonne xxxx

  • Absolutely terrifying Yvonne! Thinking of you both and sending much love x

  • Written from the heart, Amanda.

    I too pray he will go peacefully when the time comes.

    love Jean xxx

  • Aww jean thank you my darling 💕 x

  • My mother died from complications related to MSA, a Parkinson's Plus condition, and now my husband (several years later) has PSP, also a Parkinson's Plus condition. I understand completely your pain. May God bless you and give you strength.

  • Bless you Teresa and sending you much strength right back x

  • So much love and sorrow in your poem...You have said it all.

    Your Dad will know how much you care - it must come through. Thank you for being a model for us all.

  • Thank you, that’s so very sweet x

  • Written with love and devotion for your dear Dad, them having to be in a home poses it's own problems doesn't it? Still left with the guilt and worry that things aren't like they are at home. It seems like a no win situation Amanda.

    Love to you and your lovely Dad

    Kate xxx

  • Bless you Kate, thank you! Definitely agree, a no win situation! But my Dad does get better care there than we could provide at home. But it’s absolutely heart wrenching when you have to leave 💕 x

  • Big hugs. Very emotional and powerful words. Xx

  • Thanks Spiral Sparkle, hows things with you and your mum? X

  • So beautiful....and very true. No words to describe this terrible affliction for the sufferers and the people who care and love them.

  • Absolutely x

  • Beautiful poem which describes so many lives

    Thank you for sharing

    Love Toppy

  • Your very welcome Toppy x

  • I couldn't have said it any better. A lovely poem.


  • Thank you Kathleen x

  • Heartbreaking. Wishing you strength and love.

    Althea 💛⭐️

  • Thank you Althea, how are you doing my lovely? X

  • One small step at a time is all I have the energy for. My days are busy but evenings / nights are heartbreaking.

    Althea ⭐️🌙

  • Very touching. thoughts and feelings put in a beautiful poem. Feel the same for my mom. Have just been lucky to keep her home and take care of her.

    May god bless your dad and give you the strength to see him through this.

    Take care


  • Beautiful and heartfelt. I wish you and your darling dad peace. Xx

  • Thank you Erica x

  • What a truly lovely verse and It resonates with me my lovely we are in the same stage and its truly heartbreaking xx

  • Bless you both Martina x

  • Lovely writing Amanda. How are you now. I haven't been on recently but trying to catch up now. Lots of love Nanny857

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