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Chocking when taking Madopar



My mum is struggling taking her medicine. We have tried putting in water but that doesn’t help. It’s partly due to the medicine. And partly the amount of saliva.

Any tips greatly appreciated



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Martin have you got a suction machine to help remove the saliva? I just wondered if you used it before giving her the medicine it might help? Anyone got any other ideas?

Marie x

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Thanks Marie,

No we don’t have one of those. I will speak to our GP.

Best Regards

Martin x

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Martin I think it would be a good idea anyway as it will help remove some of the saliva and maybe give your Mum some rest from this awful disease. It might not last forever but if it helps for a while then it's worth it?

Good luck with the doctor! Most of them have no idea what you are talking about. Maybe you have one of the rare ones who does understand? We are here for you anyway. It has been quiet recently and I wonder if people are stressing over Xmas!

Someone else might come up with a great idea I haven't thought of? Ask the doctor anyway as the suction machine should help her, poor woman! Take care.

Marie x

Saliva is a heck of a problem I clean hubbys mouth with a damp baby toothbrush then give medicine very slowly via a syringe. It works at the moment as hubby has great difficulty swallowing and will hold fluids in his mouth. Sorry I cannot be more helpful. Jx

Hi putting the pills on a spoon with yoghurt helps them go down quite well.

We crush medication and put it into yougurt works well for us. X

Does the medication actually help her or is she just over-medicated? I stopped taking L-dopa about 4 years a go and felt better for it although i have read that for some forms of psp it can have beneficial affects.

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Hi Steph. I don’t think it’s helping. So am going to mention about reducing and then stopping.

Madopar is available in a soluble form. We used that, and then added thickener, and he took it from a spoon. , and yes others are right, a suction machine is invaluable. Wishing you the very best.xx

Thanks for the good advice everyone.

We have been using yoghurt and it’s working a treat. Don’t know what we would do without this group x 😀

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