Opinions please on sweating

Hi All

Just need some answers/advice please

I know that Psp patients cannot control their temperature however my Dad sweats an unbelievable amount on his chest and back i.e. His t.shirt is often soaking wet through sweat

His arms are a normal temperature as is everywhere else. There is no heating in his room, the window is often open and he can have the fan on but dislikes that.

Any suggestions? X

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  • Try and get some tee shirts that breath and wick the sweat away from the body, to make your Dad more comfortable. What sort of chair is he in? See if there is something to allow more air to circulate around him. Nothing will stop the sweats, it's about making it more comfortable for your Dad.

    Lots of love


  • Amanda george is exactly the same, put him to bed in his underwear, light cover, he also hates a fan, bloody PSP xxxxx

  • Bloody Psp indeed Yvonne 😥

    I just took Dads oldest friends to see him, but Dad slept for most of the time, Dad only saw them to say hello and then fell asleep, made me cry buckets x

  • Thx heady! It's very difficult because most of the time Dad is in bed, hoisted when he is happy to be and then in a reclining time chair, sadly cannot sit upright himself if you understand what I mean? I've seen you've joined a club for widows and have booked a holiday! Sounds like your trying very hard in what must be very difficult circumstances........well done you!! ❤️ X

  • Thanks Amanda. I am trying, not succeeding much, but at least getting through the day.

    Lots of love


  • Often time the body when in progressive state (such as in PSP) loses some of it's control to monitor and adjust the body's temperature. B had this problem and quite frankly I can't remember what I did...I just remember that this too is an autonomic response.....and that PSP was directly linked to this response system ie balance control, apathy,sleeping, to name a few......

    Do make sure he is getting enough fluid replacement go to the dr see if they a way to control (B's did not) or at least make him more comfy. If its just his back, interesting dad felt like he was getting a fever he'd be up to 101*F.....and his heart rate would be low.......twisted times....

    all I really have is HUGS for you.....maybe let him sit with a towel on his back,,,,,,


  • Thx AVB

    Hugs back x

  • Amanda so sad as they get further down to road in the PSP journey xxxx

  • Yeah total s**t isn't it Yvonne? Breaks my heart x

  • Sorry Amanda, we haven't reached this stage, but I've taken on board what others have said. Thinking of you. Nanny857xx

  • Thanks darling x




  • Thanks Jill, how are you doing? X

  • Hi Jill, good to hear from you, how are you keeping? Lots of love Nanny857 xx

  • We have portable air conditioning... It works!

    We bought an Electrolux - new entry into the market... Far better than the ones we had at work - good value.

    Liz hates fans - but this just chills the room.

    N.B. Plenty of extra fluids needed, they do dehydrate.

    hope this helps.



  • Thanks Kevin! Most helpful 👏 X

  • Morning

    Similar stage at moment, difficult one , I see Rog puce coloured steam coming out of his ears and he gives me thumbs up! I am not sure if you saw the tennis but during that hot spell they had cooling necklaces on , uncooked (!) rice in long thin plastic bag then frozen and when ready to use wrapped in thin towel .

    Worth a try,


  • Wow Julie! Fab idea, thx you x

  • Hi there. Gerry sweats all the time now. Always clammy but only his body, never arms. Bought some 100% cotton t shirt/vest tops with short sleeves. They do soak up stuff quite well. Just a suggestion. Good luck. Marie

  • Thx Marie, strange is t it?! X

  • I have noticed lately that Ben gets very sweaty on his back and chest when the rest of his body feels normal. He doesn't complain but does like to have the doors open in the morning, to get fresh air on his body. (He only wears boxer shorts at night) he always wears cotton polo shirts in the day that absorb the sweat.

    Kate xx

  • Thanks Kate x

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