Our Welsh 3 Peaks Challenge

Our Welsh 3 Peaks Challenge

Last weekend my husband and I completed the Welsh 3 Peaks Challenge in aid of PSPA.

So far we have almost £700 for the charity and my company have kindly agreed to double whatever I raise by the end of September when we also do the Yorkshire 3 peaks.

It was a little cold, damp, windy and cloudy up the mountains but amazing at the same time and the pics demonstrate that!

Here is to finding a cure for this dreadful condition. I can't fix my Dad and my wonderful mum is doing a super job looking after him so I am doing the next best thing.

Pj xx

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  • Wow! How wonderful! I'm impressed. Good for you both. who is the little bear?

  • Thanks. The bear is Hope, she comes from the pspa in the UK. I walked with her in my back back up each mountain.

    She will come with me around the Yorkshire peaks and hopefully up the national ones next year!

    Pj x

  • That is sweet. Here's to Hope!

  • Good for you!

    Well done.

    It must have been tough.

    I hope you enjoyed it too.

    Thank you for doing this



  • Well done !! Hope you have a great sense of achievement.

    Jean xx

  • Dear pj and paul ,, you did a wonderful job at the weekend .your dad and I are so proud of you , our thoughts were up the 3 mountings every step of the way, even if we could do it with you . You'll never know how relived I felt when you texted to say you were both down safe. Love you lots ....mum and dad xxxxxxx..

  • Thanks everyone. Luckily it's something that we enjoy.

    It was hard going but just thinking of my wonderful mum and dad kept me motivated and warm during the challenge. Love you both xx


  • Thank you x

  • Wow!! Well done!! Amazing stuff!! X

  • Brilliant! Well done both of you. Where can I contribute to the fund?

  • Hi Erica

    Sorry for not replying sooner, for whatever reason I did not see your reply and I apologise for that.

    A donation would be wonderful, the link is below and please feel free to share it with friends and family. All donations are greatfully received for the PSPA


    Pj x


  • Hello PJ,

    Apologies for the delay in making a donation but I've been away since 28th July and without any network coverage/wi-fi and only returned this weekend.

    Anyway - donation made and link shared on Twitter (I'm not on Facebook) and I'll forward it to family and friends.

    Good luck with your next challenge in September.

    I think what you're you're doing is brilliant - raising money for the PSPA and raising awareness of PSP.

    Erica x

  • Hi and thank you for the donation. As you well know all monies for PSPA are greatfully received. I also have the bonus of work doubling what we raise by the end of September which makes every donation even better.

    Thank you again

    Pj xx

  • Hi, I have some money for your PSP challenge. How can get it to you?

    Best wishes,


  • Hi

    Thank you. If you look at my reply to Erica above there is a link to my virgin money page. If you are a UK tax payer please don't forget to tick the gift aid box so that we get a little more from the dreaded tax man.


    Pj x

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