Psp and confusion?

Dear All

Today my poor Dad seemed much more confused than usual....the nursing home will check this afternoon that it's not a urine infection! Personally I doubt it is! Why? Just do! I know my Dads cognitive behaviour is changing but today as I was about to give him a drink, he thought his buzzer was his food or drink and was about to put it in his mouth!! I left Dad with Mum and came out to speak to a nurse and I cried! Because this wasn't my Dad was it?! Has anyone else experienced such confusion? X

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  • Hi Amanda

    Sorry to hear your dad not well

    I have experienced something like this but he has always been brewing and infection and it's nearly always a uti

    Hope this may help

    Take care

    Sue x

  • Thx Sue! Maybe it is then, the only reason I think not, is because this confusion has worsened over the last 2/3 weeks...x

  • Archie is up and down before it surfaced hope you get sorted love

    Sue x

  • Aww thanks Sue! Psp just comes along every so often n bites ya right on the arse! One minute everything is ok and then wham! X

  • I do agree Amanda his speech is getting worst where you can hardly hear what he's saying he just keeps telling me to go get my ears checked

    Sue x

  • Love his sence of humor.

  • Are you talking about the person you take care of? Or my dad?

  • My husband has experienced such confusion. sometimes he can't find his mouth with a glass of water, tries to put it to his eye or ear. There are other things too, like he will pick up the remote for the TV, and doesn't know how to use it or what it's for. He has never had an infection, just happens. His confusion comes and goes, thankfully. I believe it just another sad, cruel part of this disease. I hope the rest of your gets better.


  • Thx lynn

    Unfortunately I agree with you, just another shitty symptom of shitty Psp!! X

  • Hope your dad improves brenda.x

  • Thx Brenda, but sadly I doubt it.....x

  • I have read the posts and it reminded me of B's experience. It was not so much confusion as he would tell me that he did not know how anymore.....and his "confusion" di not come in waves....when he no longer knew how....that was pretty much it!

    Goodluck and ((HUGS))


  • Just makes me cry AVB 😓 X

  • Amanda feeling sad for and for everyone with PSP and their loved ones, it is really hard to cope with, George has this bloody agitation really getting me down, went to the hospital yesterday, hoping for some miracle cure for the agitation, only to be told this is part of PSP. DN has managed to get George referred to the hospice, so they can see if they can help, hopefully this weekend. Amanda sending you a big hug, sounds like you need it. Yvonne xxxxx

  • Bless you both Yvonne! Will this be your first hospice visit/contact? If so, I literally can't recommend the hospice enough! Heady told me ages ago to refer Dad and it was the best thing I've ever done!! Their help couldn't be bought!! Please let us know how it goes!! The agitation must be soooo hard to cope with?! Big fat hugs and lots of love back x

  • Amanda this is the first time, will let know how it goes xxxx

  • Thanks Yvonne, please do! Good luck darling x

  • Hugs Amanda. I know how it feels. My dad is quite mixed up with things too but he isn't any mobile to do anything on his own so we aren't sure what all he is confused about. He mixes up names for sure. More with his younger grand children than with the older ones. Today he asked where the flashlight is.. out of the blue.. Don't know why.

  • Aww bless his heart! Heartbreaking all round x

  • Yes Mum does this alot and opens her mouth as if she is going to eat something but hasn't put anything up to mouth or goes to eat her finger.

    Her coordination is quite bad now so she isn't able to feed herself or drink as she finds it hard to get anything to her mouth accurately. I do try to encourage her to do as much as possible but she does keep saying it isn't working and it hurts her arm.

  • Aww bless her Spiral, so bloody sad! How are you? You've been very quiet of late!!!! I hate bloody Psp!!!!!! X

  • Hi Amanda - this is so sad and painful.

    Waiving at you.

    In our house the one who is PSP confused is myself. Every time I think I know what is happening it changes and it is something different.

    Hugs to you.

    Waives to your Mum.



  • Bless you Kevin! I get you totally! Hugs to you and Liz! X

  • Amanda my husband got confused at times. He thought I was in another room at the Care Home and when I said I wasn't he said he meant the other Marie! Maybe going back to when we were young? Then he decided he was at work another day. He was perfectly happy to be there but in reality hadn't worked for years. Next day he would be back to his normal self! Yet he didn't have a UTI. I did wonder about the patch to dry up his saliva though. Has your Dad got one, or any meds changed?

    Marie x

  • Thx Marie, interesting! Meds haven't been changed, does have pain patches but has had them for over 6 months x

  • V asked me to take off my dress today - I have to say I didn't as I thought it especially suited me !! My colour . So yes confusion is rife .

  • Aww bless V , Georgepa!! Don't worry your secret is safe with us lol x

  • George I never thought of you as a dress kind of person!😁 What I want to know is why she wanted you to take off your dress?! 😁. Did you find out? Lol

    Goodness it is a real journey of discovery all of this? Bet between us we could write a cracking book?

    Marie x

  • This whole scenario omg my nerves are in shreds!

  • Bless you Escada x

  • Amanda when George had the patches he was very aggressive really bad, I stopped them x.

  • Aww Yvonne, i think all medications can different/bad effects sometimes, I'm just thankful the patches help my Dad's pain! They are now in the process of upping the dose of the patches to reduce pain again. X

  • George having a good laugh , what colour was the dress? Just imagine you in it xxxx

  • Cerise

  • I couldn't discover why she wanted me to take it off . Between you and me I am more of a skirt and top kind of a chap . Shoes are the real problem , trying to find a pair of nine and a half with a court heel ...well its just impossible !!

  • You can get a sexy mule, George. !!

    Not easy to walk in but most men find heels difficult anyway.

  • You can say that again - killer on the back .

  • Aww Georgepa! Your sooo funny, bless your heart! X

  • George my favourite colour xxx

  • George I love cerise too. However I understand the problem you must have with shoes!! The way things are going we will all be shoeless anyway! So you might actually be in fashion?

    Skirt and top man? Hmmm. Now I have this very strange vision of you you know! 😂

    At least you still have a sense of humour?

    By the way...what is blooming in your garden now? My flowers (the ones that are left are OK) but must remember to water them...really bad about that.

    My Leylandi look like someone has attacked them with a knife and fork! This is after Dad of Eye Candy came to do it but forgot the right equipment! So hacked it as best he could. Then Eye Candy turned up yesterday with correct saw or whatever. It looks no better! He said it is blunt!! So I told him to leave it alone until about October and for both of them to do it together! My head is spinning with them.

    Marie x

  • There are geraniums ,pelagoniums ,petunias , three different types of clematis , the ones with the big flowers - one is a dark delicious velvet red - I could eat it . Hibiscus and solarium are also full of flower - a miniature lilac is just finishing but the scent is something else . Aliums purple and white and I have just finished planting out my hanging baskets oh and hostas are just about to flower .

    If you have eye candy gardener can I have an eye candy district nurse ?Only seems fair.

    Sense of humour - God ,where would we be without one .


  • Your garden sounds fantastic!! Puts me to shame. Will have to buy some moire plants!!

    You want an Eye Candy DN? Well all I can say is if you get one as good as my Eye Candy gardener then God help you!! 😀

    When you have a second to spare send us all a photo of those lovely flowers?

    Marie x

  • My husband who has been in hospital for a month seems to be getting confused,especially at night.Last night when I talked to him on the phone to tell him I had arrived home safely(hospital is an hour away) he said that if he wasn't there when I came back in the morning he would be at the Golden Nugget (a gambling casino)

    In the same conversation he said he was confused.I would take that aa a good sign,that he at least knows he is confused.When I said "You know now you are in the hospital,don't you he said "someone came and took my blood pressure,so I must be"

    He has been in the hospital for a month,soon to be sent to a rehab for physical therapy and hopefully to come home when he regains some strength.I am hoping this confusion is a passing thing

  • Bless you thank you for sharing, all very worrying x

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