Outrageous and utterly disgusting! From BBC news 10 minutes ago!

General election 2017: New warning over social care plans

Conservative plans to change social care funding in England may be derailed by councils, an ex-minister has warned.

The party wants to include the value of someone's home when deciding how much they must pay towards care at home - but allow them to pay after they die.

The Conservatives say the changes ensure fairness across the generations.

But Sir Steve Webb, the ex-Lib Dem pensions minister, says there is already a "lottery" in the way councils use existing deferred payment schemes.

Currently, people living in residential care can ask their local authority to pay their bill and recover the money from the sale of their family home after they die.

The Conservatives' plan would extend this right to those receiving care in their own homes, who would have to pay until they were down to their last £100,000.

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Reality check: Who could social care changes affect?

Tory opposition to social care plans

But Sir Steve, who is now policy director for pensions specialist Royal London, said Freedom of Information responses showed a wide variation in the number of deferred payment arrangements set up.

Some councils in England had not signed any agreements to let people defer their payments, while in other areas more than 100 agreements had been signed.

Sir Steve said: "It is clear that there is already a lottery as to whether people facing significant care costs can exercise their legal right to defer their payments under the existing system.

"The government will need to investigate very quickly why the present system is not working properly, otherwise there is a danger of building a new system on very shaky foundations."

The councils who had entered into the most agreements were Southampton City Council with 331, followed by Essex County Council with 208 and Middlesbrough Council with 165.

In contrast, 10 authorities - Westminster, Tower Hamlets, Hackney, Kensington and Chelsea, Haringey, Lewisham, Lambeth, Ealing, Blackburn with Darwen, and Luton - said they had not issued any.

How would the Tory social care plans work?

Under the Conservative plans nobody with assets of less than £100,000 would have to pay for social care. Currently anyone with assets of over £23,250 is expected to pay the full cost of their residential care and the value of their home can be taken into account.

But that is not the case if you receive care in your own home. Under the Tory plans the value of your home may in future be factored in, although the money would not be taken from your estate until after your death.

This means some people fear they will not be able to pass their homes down to their children.

Why many will pay more for care

Work and Pensions Secretary Damian Green said the Tories would not "look again" at the proposed changes, and Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson said the "broad thrust" was right.

Conservative former business minister Lord Willetts said the plan was "one of the bravest, most serious and most important" features of the Conservative manifesto.

He told Westminster Hour on BBC Radio 4 the proposal meant social care for older people would be financed by pensioners with "substantial assets" instead of younger people "struggling to make ends meet".

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has accused the Conservatives of "forcing those who need social care to pay for it with their homes," labelling the policy a "dementia tax".

Lord Wood, former adviser to Ed Miliband, said the problem with the Tory plan is that "it's not a long term system solution because it abandons the principle of social insurance".

The Lib Dems, meanwhile, said nine out of 10 homes would be eligible to be sold under the new regime, citing Land Registry house sale figures.

Calling for a "national movement" against the policy, Lib Dem leader Tim Farron said: "Every elderly person that needs care should receive it in the best place for them and not be fearful of those mounting, limitless costs."

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  • Phew Amanda , that would have taken me about three days to type out !!! A tour de force (sic?) And well said -- lets face it most of the Tories who make the decisions won't be forking out for anything as they probably have private health insurance cover held either by themselves or provided by the corporations they work for . Most of us can't afford that luxury .

    So if you want a fairer society put your tick in the box where you think that is on offer .

    Georgepa ( ready to man the barricades )

  • lol Georgepa I copy and pasted that nonsense!! And for the record I totally agree with you 110%!! X

  • What is even more surprising is that this flies in the face of the Dilnot Social Care report which was supported by all sides of the House and it was the previous government which delayed its implementation until 2020. The Dilnot report was a thorough going examination of evidence and ideas from across the board.

    It also flies in the face of the Barker Commission's last report (Oct 2016).

    This 'policy' is ideologically driven and its little more than shooting from the hip with on the hoof justification.

    Not one policy research body has published a report supporting moves in this direction. Indeed all proposals are to the contrary.

  • Kevin you are such a knowledgeable chap!! Why don't you go up for election?? 😆 X

  • Oh, Satt

    When I was a teenager and illicit girlie magazines were being passed around the young lads I always seemed to end up with a Social Policy report or something. Most unfair!


    I just want all of those idiots to go away...



  • Your soooo funny Kevin!

    But I agree entirely i wish they'd all foxtrot oscar! X

  • Oh, I forgot to say - Your post is damned good.



  • It takes my breath away that people who make £100,000 extra per year in after-dinner speeches should suddenly say that being allowed to keep £100,000 as inheritance is generous !!

    No-one saw this coming.

    in despair, Jean x

  • Absolutely Jean, total b******s!! And ones that are NOT on the same planet as most of the UK population x

  • Amanda well now Mrs May (or May not) wants us all to vote for a policy which will be consulted on AFTER the election!! I have to say it's a novel idea but only totally stupid people would be willing to do that? Sadly there are many such people in the country?

    I would love her and our in hiding Health Minister to spend a couple of days in the home of someone with PSP or indeed any long term condition which needs lots of care.

    If the worse comes to the worse we could all sell our homes and buy a piece of land and have a large tent each? If it was worded correctly they would be in court forever trying to get the land? As for any money left over we could have a whale of a time with it? Just a thought!

    Kevin don't know if you saw it but Dilmott was on TV today and seemed amazed at what was being proposed after all the work that had gone before, and indeed the consensus that existed. He seemed perplexed to be honest and who can blame him? He must be wondering why he bothered?

    Mrs Strong and Stable was almost hysterical after being questioned by reporters today. She totally lost it! So she doesn't like being challenged and more to the point can't deal with it. So how on earth will she manage being turned into minced beef by the EU? It is a very frightening thought.

    She was just over the border from me in Wales today so she may have been in Chester too. Didn't dare go to see as I would probably have been very rude!

    I at last know who the Conservative candidate is for our area. Until now all we have had is Teresa May on newspapers! Very weird. I have never known an election like it!! Oh for the days when things like the NHS and Social Care and Pensions were broadly agreed by all parties.

    By the way when Garry needed Social Care he was assessed financially and they actually wanted to know my finances too!! I wonder how many people, especially older people would agree to that not understanding they do not have to do it? I was very wary of the person who came to do his financial assessment and wondered why she wanted to know my financial details. I told her no thanks! She then said I didn't have to do it but it might be a good idea...for whom?!! Has anyone else come across this?

    Marie x

  • Wow Marie wow!! Everything you've said is spot on!! Thank you for your response it's brilliantly written!! X

  • We were given a form that required our joint incomes and knowing no different I filled it in. Doyou think if the new plan ever goes through that as joint owners only half the house can be liable in assessment ????? If so that could mean paying nothing in some cases. GW

  • Over to Kevin, lolx

  • Love it ......

  • No because your money should not be taken into account now! However if you are alone and need care later on then they will get you as they will get everyone? Mind you we have to see what the U turn will really mean? The devil is in the detail as they say?

    Marie x

  • Hey, U-turn from May today.

    But she could U-Turn again.

    Stable U-Turns of course.


  • I'm getting dizzy !!


  • I'd like to give her a U turn Kevin! X

  • Kevin she will not back down on this! As you say she will U turn again! She wants to be seen as strong so to hell with whoever gets hurt? What she will do is give the impression of considering this. However she won't fund the NHS or the police properly. She won't because she will never have to worry about her care or the treatment she will get? We need more ordinary people who understand how life is in parliament. All we get is more of the same?

    Last night we knew how bad things were if we didn't know before! They had to send Ambulances from our area and from North Wales to the awful bombing in Manchester. We were told not to ring the Ambulance service unless it was life and death. Wouldn't be surprised if Ambulances came from Yorkshire to be honest! Thank goodness they have practised this before and knew what to do. However if we keep cutting things back?! Doesn't bear thinking of. Poor children and young people! My Grandson is 8 and the youngest death so far is a little girl of 8. Her whole life ahead of her. I had a bad day yesterday and then I saw the news! We have Barbarians living in our midst. No other word for them to target young people and children. He will have helpers who blend in no doubt.

    Very sad today for all the poor families. Mrs May of course hot footing it to the scene!!

    Marie x

  • Yup, and add 5 billion planned welfare cuts.

    I totally agree with you.

    Barbarians and then some.



  • Hi

    They are all lying bar stewards!

    If it is any help when we were doing all the legal stuff to safeguard a larger portion of the house our solicitor advised putting us as tenants in common not joint owners, I'll let you google the info, if you do this now my thoughts are that even with this vile legislation you could still protect a large proportion of you estate.

    Julie x

  • Agree Julie! This is actually extremely important!! All, please take note of Julie!! X

  • Satt2015 politicians are all the same and no matter what faction they line their own nests at our expense and then leave us and the country in a bigger mess. They make me weep with frustration. W S Gilbert was so right in "Iolanthe" when in the sergeant's song he said they (politicians) leave their brains outside and vote as their party tells them

    For once I am in a marginal seat (Cons won by 200 last election overturning safe Labour majority) so lots of politicians knocking on door, for once I get to ear hole them about PSP and care and they cannot run away as they want my vote. How I wish for a "not any of these" slot on the voting slip.

    Hope Dilnot is revisited as seemed sensible but may be too much to ask for.


  • Thx Tim, I'll ask the next one that knocks on the door, and then let rip about Psp and care!! I'll enjoy that, lol x