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Recent Highlight from Brain Support Network Blog

Check out recent highlights from Brain Support Network's blog here --

Some items recently posted that may be of interest to those on this

group include:

* "Caregiver Helpbook" - notes from chapters 1 through 6

* "Living Guilt Free" - notes from a one-hour talk

* "Respite Care: Finding and Choosing Respite Services"

* "Grieving Before a Death: Understanding Anticipatory Grief"

* "How do we cope with anger as a caregiver"?

* "13 Secrets That Make Caregiving Easier"

* Urinary problems in Parkinson's - webinar notes

* Complementary and alternative medicine in Parkinson's - webinar notes

* Blog by Debra Ford, whose husband Dave has PSP

* Johns Hopkins Overview of PSP

* Supranuclear gaze palsy occurs in more than just PSP

* "Multimodal Imaging Ties Tau to Neurodegeneration, and Symptoms"

* "A mother's strength" (article about PSP)

* Predictors of survival in PSP and MSA

* "The stigma of a neurologic disorder can be stressful"

* Five E’s of empowered living with chronic illness

Of course if you'd rather have all of these emails in your inbox, you

can join the Brain Support Network email list for PSP and general


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