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I'm writing this in hopes that Kaaljeet, who posted earlier a suggestion for a product that might help, will read this and come back.

Dear Kaaljeet, I think you were offering something that you genuinely found useful to you. Please understand, this site has been subjected to some quite distressing commercial invasions in the past and your post may have been misunderstood and reported for removal. I am very sorry to think you have been unfairly treated and would be glad to see you back.

I was interested to learn you had spent some time in New England and had hoped to hear more of your experiences here.

If you would prefer, you might send me a message directly?

We all have too much to contend with, but we really generally do a great job of supporting one another. I'm so sorry for any misunderstanding. Please forgive us and come back.

Peace, Easterncedar

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Dear Kaaljeet,

I am so sorry to have misunderstood your post.

Though you may not want to respond to me.

Please, you are welcome here.



Sweet Ec still thinking of others despite her own issues....Thank you Easterncedar



EC and Kevin,

I would not fret too much about Kaaljeet. That is the name, possibly a group one, used by a well known India-based blogger and poster in many, many websites (some of whom have banned her/him/them). This prolific writer also seems to have IT knowledge and experience.

Vetting of forum applicants and posters is becoming more difficult in this "cloud" era, especially with the entry onto the scene of the communication giants, many thousands of "partners" (some of them less than honest), their tens of thousands of servers, countless web sites, and hundreds of communication satellites spanning the globe. We formerly could rely on IP numbers to help weed out some of the bad applicants in the un-monitored, unregistered "dark zones" of the Internet. Some of these people (many based in Bangladesh, Pakistan, and elsewhere in Asia) now can sign up cheaply, or even for free with, say, an American based partner or service, and with it comes a leased U.S. IP address! Fortunately, tools are becoming available to trace the route of a post from an IP address back to the source -- but unfortunately, they don't always work, and for business reasons, the western partners want to keep sources hidden. Clicks translate into dollars for them. The main commodity for many/most of them: the collection and data brokering of the personal information of contacts. The more private and complete the info, the better the revenue.

So, cheers and appreciation to the guardians of our private data in this community. The decisions they must make sometimes are not easy ones to reach.


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Thanks, ChristianEd! I am glad to be reassured on that point!


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