A question regarding cameras

Dear All

Firstly let me make clear this is 'just' a question not something I'm planning on doing (yet) lol

I'm interested in comments/views on having a camera placed within the patients room within a nursing/care home

I think this will be an interesting subject for us all to discuss

Once again, it's not something I'm planning on doing, I just want to discuss the possibilities and feelings you have!!

Thanks all x

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  • Very good question.

    Seems it is legal. The CQC has already published some advice.


    Waiving at ya!



  • Oh god I love you K!! I'll read!! You are a diamond!! I think this post should provoke thought and good responses?! X

  • Its left me with a lot of questions.

    There are links to advice pages to the right of the article.

    Do come back with your thoughts.


  • Ooh I love the easy read on the right! If the home won't allow it you should tell the cqc!! Pretty amazing as I didn't think it'd be allowed x

  • Interesting reading young Kevin! Thank you for the link!! X

  • One care home that Steve went into fir respite, already had a camera set up. I think the previous patient had PSP and they used it to keep an eye on her. They left up for Steve, after asking our permission.

    Lots of love


  • Ooh very interesting Anne!! What did you and Steve make of that? Did either of you mind? Did you feel it was an invasion of Steve's privacy? I assume it was a good nursing home? X

  • The home was brilliant. Wished it had been closer to home, so Steve could have gone there regularly. I don't think Steve thought it invaded his privacy. Let's face it, poor love never had any, always someone there, no matter what he was doing! Thankfully, he was not a shy man, so really didn't care.

    Lots of love


  • Thank you for sharing darling and explaining x

  • I'm not clear if you mean in order for carers to keep an eye on resident or for relatives to check up on carers!! Presumably the former. Personally I don't think a camera should take the place of very regular checks and contact with staff. I suppose it depends on whether the resident is mobile and liable to try to get up etc. By the time D was in the nursing home he wasn't able to do anything without assistance and, as it was a small home and his room was where staff passed by all the time, he was checked on very regularly. I think the danger of a camera would be that staff would rely on a quick glance at that instead of a personal interaction.

    Vicki x

  • Thanks Vicki another good reply and viewpoint!! I think to be checking in on both! Ie to ensure the patient/resident seems ok and of course to be watching what goes on.......x

  • Amanda. I wish I had done it. I have unanswered questions about things which made him sad. He told me he never bothered them. I asked why and he just looked at me so sadly and said he was no trouble to them! One of the carers used to call him trouble in a joking way I thought. Now I wonder if he was as nice as we thought? Or was it that Garry took that word literally?

    We also don't know what happened when he last took ill. Did they check on him regularly? Was he able to reach the buzzer? Was he lying too flat? Don't think we will ever know but I think of it all the time. So from the point of view of being assured your Dad is looked after and also to ensure he is not mistreated in anyway I would do it.

    Marie x

  • Thanks Marie!! This isn't something I'm considering right now but I wanted your views and I appreciate yours!! X

  • Satt I think its a good idea , I have 3 cameras on my house , can see if anyone comes to the house even when were away .by useing broadband , and mobile data on my phone.you can get cameras that record sound also, this is something I will use in the house if and when its needed. If your doing nothing wrong , theres nothing to hide. So why should care homes worry... Brenda

  • Good point Brenda! Thank you for sharing x

  • I'm not at all sure about cameras. I think it's better to spend try to form a two way trusting relationship with the staff so that you can work as a team. But then of course my experience was of an excellent nursing home and I was able to go every day. I may have thought differently if I had had doubts about the care or if I wasn't able to be there enough to see how they were with the patients at different times.


  • Good point Vicki! Personally I prefer trust! X

  • Amanda I think it is a good idea, just to keep an eye on your dad, also if it makes you feel better? We get very protective of the people we love, just want to make sure they are safe. Yvonne xxxx

  • I think it is a brilliant idea

  • Hi i had a ip camera set up in the lounge at home to check on my wife how has psp, it was cheap but didn't last long, putting a camera in a nursing home maybe alright and would have to be monitored, but the personal monitoring would be better and the patient would not feel isolated.

  • Relevant thread - thank you. I considered adding one in my mother's room when she first moved in (they have ones in which you can hear and respond in real time via wi-fi -- but the facilities wi-fi is not terribly robust and a lot of people are on it -- so was worried it would even work at all or, that I might be making views of mom more public than I wanted).

    My mother has a roommate who has repeatedly had money stolen from her wallet -- and though they know who is doing it (based on the cameras in the hall just outside their room and the time the thefts are occurring - and tying it to the aid who is seen on the video feed as going into the room at these exact times -- and yes, the same aid every time), the police will not make an arrest until they have actual feed of the act. So, the talk of an in-room camera came up again -- but because her roommate has to be undressed in her room before they take her into the shower -- she doesn't want that on video that a police department can peruse. So, for sake of privacy - no in-room camera for now. (My mom doesn't have her wallet at the facility so, no money can be stolen.)

  • Thank you for sharing x

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