Off again!

Hi all

Off on Monday for a weeks walking in west wales with my lovely sister in law. Four months since last respite, looking after Harry for three days did'nt count! Mixed feelings again, sadness,fear and incredible loneliness.

We have the same guy living in, I know I am fortunate and desperately need a break but feel I have lost the ability to be truly happy ever again without him being able to enjoy these things with me.

Enough Julie, lots to do before Monday, freezer meals,med list, emergency numbers,clothes sorted ....................

See you on the other side

Julie x

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  • Julie darling enjoy the break, you know how quickly it will go! You also know you NEED it!! Unfortunately you have to take this as a new chapter in your life which understandably is incredibly difficult but necessary for us all to understand! Rog I'm sure will be very well looked after!! Whenever I now read of any of you taking respite it literally lifts me because I know how terribly important and absolutely necessary it is!! Enjoy the fresh air and space and time to yourself!! X

  • Wonderful Julie

    I hope you get the weather and a lovely time.


  • Julie I know exactly how you are feeling. Been there and it's very hard. However you need respite or you will end up on the floor. So go and try to enjoy it. Even now with Garry gone I feel guilty for anything I do (not much at all) and have felt it from the first time he went into respite.

    I know the feeling of utter loneliness and sad to saw it doesn't go away afterwards either.

    You need a rest Julie. Maybe something will lift your spirit whilst you are away? I really hope so but my heart goes out to you as this is so difficult.

    Marie x

  • Enjoy, Julie. We all know how difficult but necessary it is.

    Hope the weather is alright.

    love, Jean xx

  • Julie have a lovely time, feel just like you, you post made me feel sad. I am also away on Sunday xxxx

  • Have a wonderful time and try and relax and breathe in that fresh air xx

  • Try to make the best of your respite and enjoy a bit of down time to restore your batteries. I haven't had respite as yet and all medical visitors keep reminding me that I need to take time out. At the moment Ben has a day at the hospice, a volunteer sitter from a charity and 2 hrs sitting that I pay for and that gives me a bit of time out. Friends visit a couple of times a week for a chat and that is enough to keep my head above water at the moment but whether that remains that way in the future, well I'm not sure. I do hope that you find some happiness during your break and feel that you can breath and let go for a while.

    Much love

    Kate xxx

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