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Does this sound ok to write to grieving daughter?

Please be honest because this probably isn't a typical condolence letter. I lost my Mom when I was 16 so I find it impossible to exaggerate about the "comfort and peace" that's supposed to come in time. My wish is to express empathy, as one who has understood her entire adult life, how it feels to lose my mom and especially from a Christian standpoint. OK here it is....

Oh those stages of grief sound simple but they can be pure torture to your aching heart. I know. And all the firsts, first birthdays and special holidays first this first that, leave such an empty feeling. And I know it never ends because we will miss our special moms for the rest of our days. Memories that bring comfort are simultaneously deeply bittersweet. (Oh Lord! Please hear my prayer, and bring comfort, strength and JOY to my dear friend, Christine, despite the seeming impossibility in these longs days since the departure of her very beloved mother.) Only through His love and grace on us will we persevere. May we remember there are no clocks in Heaven and 10 years here is 10 seconds there. Heaven may be hard to picture in our mortal minds, but that's ok because all we need is that mustard seed of FAITH to know, we'll all be together again some day. And until then, in HONOR of our mothers, we must cherish life as they taught us to do, cherish our memories of them and know, even though we can't see it with our Earthly eyes, and there are so many details about which we're clueless, we'll all be together again as it was meant to be and planned since before any of us were born. Our mothers will surely be there at the gate, to greet us when we come. The Bible says we've been with Him for always. And to Him we shall return!

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Bless you with all my heart .I feel for you very very very much and promise you understand your thoughts and feelings and pain beyond words .

Yes as a mum one day your mom will greet you again how lovely xxx so until that one day as you have a long beautiful long life ahead of you enrich your life with all of your magical happy memories of your mom and all your magical plans of amazing things to do while on our beautiful planet. And think maybe of your mom smiling down at you and soooooo proud of you .😚😚😚


Take care of yourself look after your body and soul and enrich your life within and around as much as possible which you deserve NICE KIND PEOPLE xxx

Let lovely kind people who come into your life enrich and comfort your soul as you enrich others and this world too .

I hope these have been of words of comfort to you and I admire your strength to write such deep words from your heart .

With warm wishes and big big hugs from me .xxx Your are brave incredible and amazing person and your mom would of thought that too and will want you to in the future look foward to happiness and to be as happy as you can possibly be and remember that even though your world will all feel so numb and scared now and for a longtime ahead .hold on to everything I've said if you can I promise it will help you promise xxxxx

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It's beautiful and truthful.. no one like our Mums.

Blessings and love


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