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It's just one of them things :( :)

It's just one of them things :( :)

This was before my handsome grampy became bed bound x

He now is much worse and I would like to respect his dignaty by not posting him in bed even tho I still think he is booootiful!

He never wanted this for himself and never still grumbles about anything, his words are often "it's just one of them things😂😂"

Oh he still has his sense of humour alright! And thats why I think everyone loves him and everyone takes his hat off too him as everyone does with psp.

He has always been a proud man with a great sense of style and class as you can see from the photo :))

Lots of love grampy xx

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Grampy always been an extremely handsome man .

Everyone who has ever been so lucky to have met him or been in his life /Our life always expressed what a wonderful special precious GENTLEMAN xxxxx

We love him soooooo much and wow lucky you having such a special nanny too Grampy lovely wife who looked after him with all her heart .x


And we will always as long as we can always all treasure one another xxx


What a lovely post. Thanks for sharing.


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