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Hello, I am the proud granddaughter of my grandpa who has been terminaly ill with P.S.P for what seems like years now :(

Being 12 years of age and experiencing such trauma is so hard and to see my grandad you has always been suchanged a strong man fall to pieces is the saddest thing I have been through, especially as he is so special and means the world to me.

Slowly, my world is breaking into tinier, tinier specs. Unlike my sister who prefers to not see him and keep herself happy (which is her choice and a very respectable thing) I prefer to see him whenever I can to avoid being sad for not making he most of my time with him.

I love him with all my heart and I hope he always remembers that

Please follow my lovely mum and support her too it means loads to her x@dmtf❤

I love you grampy xx

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  • Hello beautiful daughter.

    Wow what an amazing post about Grampy.

    I love you so so so much .😚😙

    Grampy adores you you light up his world and always have.

    Grampy knows how much you love him forever and ever and I know he would love for you to also hold on to so many happy memories you can treasure forever bless you gorgeous girl.

    And soooooo sad your beautiful younger sis loves him so much can not bare to see him so so poorly. We talk to her all the time about Grampy she hears all about how wonderful he is everyday .we ask her can you remember many things they did and shared together she remembers afew moments feeding the fish particulary in Grampys garden and we have many happy photos of them together.

    It's so hard we ask her a lot would you like to see Grampy and she says no and goes very quite .So we all respect her wishes even though it's so hard and know Grampy also would soooooo love to see her .aaaaaaah Beautiful daughter my eldest you brave gorgeous girl look after your sis and we will all love and look after each other always .

    Who knows if one day it was me or daddy very very very poorly and you had children too .Say Daddy's and me our beautiful grandchildren we would so respect whatever their wishes to see us or not . We could say keep maybe contact by lovely letters and cards and maybe show beautiful pics of our little ones to us to keep that contact but whatever Respect our beautiful children's wishes whatever they may be . We are all different and all deal with life stuff differently and uniquely.

    Love you so much and how brave of you to come onto this forum .

    If sometimes you feel sad everyone does but hold on to the happy times and this is a lovely caring website for all of us affected by psp and cbd.

    Hugs love and cuddles to you gorgeous girl xxxxxxxxxxxxx forever and ever mummy xxxxxxx

  • Please calm ur paras down mother!! The length is ridiculous !! But I luvya❤❤

  • Hahaha. Never. I'm a nightmare girlfriend xxxx

    Layva tooooo. See short post xxxxhehehe😉😅😭😙

  • Wow you really are a very bright and caring granddaughter and daughter, sounds like your being very strong through very hard times. Your grandfather is very lucky to have you, and your mum obviously knows how lucky she is already.

    Love to all your family and big hugs to you.


  • Thank you so much that means a lot to me xx




  • You are wise and kind beyond your years. A sweet post. Your family is lucky to have you. Peace, ec

  • Im lucky to have them :)

  • Lovely! My 10&1/2yr old is witnessing this horrible disease. She sees her Grandad weekly and is very sad as she knows he's at the end of his life. What hurts us will make us stronger. That's what I tell her.

    Lots of love Sue x

  • I understand completely, sending love x keep strong X

  • What a nice picture of your Granddad and what a nice post too. You are the kind of Granddaughter everyone would like to have. It cannot be easy for you but you have a kind heart and lots of love. Sorry your sister can't cope with going to visit too but she is younger than you and we all cope differently as well? She is coping in her way? Give her a hug from time to time because she will be as sad as everyone else?

    Take care and always be as kind and loving as you are now.

    Marie x

  • Hi Marie

    Thankyou for your post to my lovely daughter x

    She is beautiful special kind hearted caring and every amazing magical word any parent or grandparent could wish for honestly she's simply PERFECT honestly.

    We are all lucky she is in our world and hey lucky grampy and lucky Granddaughter they both have each other in their hearts forever. They've always shared precious times together even and more so now . Oh I'm feeling choked and on the radio playing 'Those were the days my friend ' on bbcsussex .Feel weepy in a nice way xx

    Hope life is being kind to you.

    Hugs Miriam xx

  • Thank you so much, I love my sister to pieces and me and her are like 2 peas in a pod, any differences we have we respect and that's that X

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