Patients are allowed (yes allowed) 2 pads changes per day plus 1 at night!

This is what the care home told me today! The NHS will now only pay for 3 pads per 24 hours!! I was just enquiring about buying or not buying dads pads. Anyway the quick answer is we will continue to buy the super Tena belted pads as they are the most absorbent. Dad is changed 5 times in 24 hours but of course if bowels open in between those amounts increase! I can't be bothered to get into a discussion/argument with who buys what! We'll buy them as they are the best pads we've used and Dad can be changed as often as necessary without question or stupid NHS stipulations!! I just wonder who the f****r is that made the rule of 3 pad changes per 24 hours?! Let's hope they one day themselves have to endure this ludicrous carry on!!

Much love x


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