Should we be paying for pads etc?

Hi All

Now that Dad is in the nursing home and HAS chc, should we be paying for the incontient pads and inco sheets??

I have bought another load today (£125) this is our normal monthly spend as they are super duper pads that avoid him getting soaked and are NOT provided by the NHS! The NHS will provide the rubbish ones but their no good to Dad!!

I've asked the nursing home who won't give me a definite answer but surely as he has chc they should be paying for them and by that I mean exactly the same ones? Yes or no?!


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  • Not able to help on this one , but what you say makes sence to me , but who knows how the powers that be think , hope every thing is ok with your mum and dad ...Brenda xx

  • Thx Brenda

    Been to see dad today he seemed ok and mum is doing well

    Hugs. X

  • Hi. I'm in the US so it is different but perhaps you should check with the CHC. There is usually a limit to what they provide (so I supplement). They should also be able to get a straight answer from the nursing home.

    Good luck.

  • True

    Good idea

    Thx you x

  • Absolutely not!

    Telephone the CHC and complain.

    Being very cynical the home might be doing that to lower their overheads at the same fee.

    Pads are part of the 'treatment'.

    And, the NHS does provide good ones. We had to ask and in our area they provide good ones to people not suferring from dementia... Weird, but true.

    Talk to CHC - They should be very interested that you are being asked to pay for NHS care and this is NHS care despite the fact a contractor is fulfilling it. But do give them a moment to recover their thoughts after you hit them with legality. ;)

    In short - No-one should ever have to pay anything to a Nursing Home if the person is on CHC. That includes physio.. Probably hair do's too. Rule of thumb. would you expect to pay for 'fill in here' if you were in hospital?

    Big hugs


  • Wow!! Kevin thank you!! You are an enclopedia of information!! X

  • Your a wealth of information, filed for later use, love reading your advice...Brenda x

  • Adding - Sorry - rushed post. It is illegal for the NHS to split charging. If it is their responsibility they must pay both all care and all treatment. The persons social and health needs must all be met.

    If it is not their responsibility then they pay nothing. The law is very black and white on this one.

    Hope that clarifies



  • Simply brilliant Kevin brilliant!! Thx you!! 💋 X

  • Hugs

    A long misspent adult life in the NHS I'm afraid.

    I should have done drugs or something!


    If anyone can sort it out I know you will. :)


  • Thx Kevin

    I'll have a bloody good try!!

    Today my Dad told me someone has been aggressive towards him ie staff member at the home but refused to tell me who!! It's difficult to know if he get things right but I said tell me who and I will kill them, again he refused! So I went to the office and told the manager what he'd said and told them I carry a gun and will use it if necessary!! (A joke obviously, but they know I don't take any shit)!! X

  • No one could want any more than the fight you put up.

    You are both remarkable and lovely.


  • Bless you, thanks Kevin! I know I'm fiercely protective probably not always a good thing! X

  • I suspect they are just letting you carrying on providing pads. Saves money!!! complain to the CHC people.

    Lots of love


  • Mmmm I suspect that too....tomorrow heads will roll x

  • Amanda., you terrify me - I'm sure they will listen !

    We get good pads provided.

    by NHS [ not CHC ]

    Jean xxx

  • i agree jean

    ;loll jijill#xxxxl

  • Kevin they would not pay for George's day care centre, I have to pay for that, and I pay for physio for George is that right? X Yvonne

  • Hi Yvonne

    That is a difficult one.

    If they deem the day centre not to be a 'need' then they do not have to cover it.

    You could ask them to re-assess need. This is not the same as re-assessing CHC funding. As a persons clinical condition changes so do their needs. The care they provide is required to be flexible and should meet changing needs.

    So, if you think you can make an argument that it is a need then ask for a 'Needs Review'.

    I would add, if that is part of your respite needs then make a case based on respite. They are obliged to make the care tenable for the carer. If faced with a choice of putting a respite carer in, or paying for a day centre which often is cheaper... But you might choose to ask for a respite carer...

    Please come back if this is unclear... I'm not always so good with this communication thing!



  • Adding - they most likely will just acquiesce over the phone if you use the wording I've given you.

  • What's that mean k? X

  • Come again?

    Which bit


  • acquiesce?? X

  • acquiesce = agree

    Unusual word - sorry


  • Lol

    Thx K!! Your sooooo clever!! X

  • Oh, that was to Yvonne

    You can do it over the tel. too.

    Have I got this right?


  • Thank you kevin, feeling lost xxxx

  • I think I do want to rock the boat, we have a live in career, still hard work though, even with our career . Yvonne

  • George was so agitated yesterday, he has another urine infection, I felt like just running away yesterday, it was so bad the agitation, we have the tablets you recommend Kevin, when he would finally take them, they calmed him down, thank you for the recommendation Kevin. Yvonne x

  • Bless you Yvonne you must feel like your going crazy! And poor poor George it's so bloody unfair! Huge hugs to you both x

  • Thank you sweetheart xxx you look after yourself xxxx

  • ❤️

  • So sorry. Yvonne. You are having such a tough time.

    Big hug from Jean x

  • Hugs back to you Jean xxxx

  • I'm not sure that NHS (CHC) has to provide specific pads that you request if they consider that other ones are suitable for his needs. I would think that, as the nursing home is in charge of his care, they should provide whichever pads they think are appropriate at no cost to you.

  • The NHS will supply pads but as you say they are not the best quality. They will not pay for the pads that you are buying..... so basically it's your choice poke up with an inferior product or pay out.

    We paid out for pads that were more suitable for Brian because we couldn't get the pads we wanted on the NHS and as they will only supply 4 per day there was never enough. Jane xx

  • I have the same situation. Used to get inco sheets from the district nurses. This has now stooped and I now have to buy them. My argument is that if a patient needed an antibiotic for example, no problem. So why not prescribe inco sheets when needed?

  • I don't pay for anything in the home Amanda except for hairdos. There are always loads of pads there. Just don't take them in! They'll use the ones they have. Xx

  • Thx Vron the thing is the ones I buy are the most absorbent

    I'm gonna try and call them today before calling chc

    Has your voice returned? X

  • It's still a bit scratchy and has become a cold. I'm off on a weeks respite today so upset at leaving John in hospice but determined to come back full of zest! The home will buy them in bulk so doubt if they will buy those specially. They seem ok for my parents and there doesn't seem to be a limit on them. Xx

  • Thx Vron

    They've told me told they probably won't buy the same ones and the NHS now specify 2 pads per day n one at night!! Sod that, we will continue to buy!! I'm not having 2 pad changes a day, we have 5 changes per 24 hours minimum x

  • Your dad is in nursing care it is the homes responsibility to complete a incontinence assessment and to send it off to the incontinence team. Insist on it satt it's appalling xxx

  • Really Richmond?? X

  • In Sheffield NHS supply pads it's not means tested we just have to complete inco assessment to provide evidence the patient is incontinent and the NHS supply them, regardless if the patient has nursing needs or not xxx

  • Because your dads in a nursing home the trained nurses in the home should do it, when your dad was at home the district nurses should have done it. Xxx

  • Sorry satt one more thing you can always telephone the continence service in your area and speak to them for advice xx

  • Thx Richmond for all your advice

    How's things with you and mum? X

  • she not too bad thanks xxxxx

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