Forum access problem!s - feeling cut off

Anyone else had problems with access to website today? I have received the emails, but the "See Post" button does not result in full access - just a white screen! Happens on all my machines, so not sure what is up, or whether it's just me!

Finally got access to main site and reset my password and as you see that worked! Have also sent a couple of emails to Help in case there is a problem!

I do so hate it when we get a so-called 'upgrade' to software that does not include my not-very-old but '?obsolete" machinery!!! Not all of us belong to the 'throw-away' brigade!

And I was surprised to find just HOW MUCH I HATED NOT HAVE ACCESS TO MY FRIENDS HERE!!!

Anyway, I am reconnected! Just have to sort the other machinery!


Jen xxx

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  • No problems for me lately, but my iPad was very baulky a week ago and I also minded being out of touch with everyone here a great deal. It healed itself. A miracle. Love, ec

  • Mine all fixed now too! Miraculously. Not my field either!



  • being old and obsolete myself, I have no remedies for you only a "I hate when that happens"



  • yes- it locked me out for the whole afternoon.... but ok now

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