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Edinburgh support

Hi everyone,

I am writing to see if there is anyone based in and around Edinburgh who has a partner with PSP too. My partner has been diagnosed with PSP just over a year ago and it would be great to get in contact with anyone in a similar position as myself based in my local area. Whilst my partner is mobile his condition is progressing and he is currently dealing with difficulties with mobility and speech predominantly. Many thanks : )

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HI, Joeyshaw. I hope someone near you replies, but I want to welcome you here in the meantime. I live in a small town in a rural state in the US and have not, in the six years since my partner's diagnosis, met anyone else with the disease. It has made this community invaluable to me.

Best wishes, Easterncedar



Have you considered contacting the PSP Assoc.?

People set up local support groups... They help folk connect.

That's maybe not what you are asking... It's just an idea.

Welcome here.

Best wishes



We're up in Shetland, but still over after I'm afraid.


Hi Joey. I live in the West of Scotland and I know there is no support network in this area. However, I believe there is a support group somewhere on the east coast. Could I suggest you contact David Mills at the PSP Assoc. who will be able to point you in the right direction. I am sorry you have had to become part of this forum but at least it is one place where you will usually find someone who is able to answer your queries. Good luck.



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