Mum is home and Dad is settled

Dear All

Sorry for the delay in posting

Mum came home yesterday, will now make a slow recovery but does have a chest infection

Dad seems relatively settled in his new abode and has even agreed to be hoisted this Friday for the music entertainment!! Simply incredible! I'm not saying it's perfect but oh boy it's a relief!!

Me I'm still knackered

Many thanks for all your support over a horrific 16 days! X

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  • So pleased to read this



  • Thx H x

  • So pleased to read this post and things are settling a bit for you all.


  • Keeping my fingers crossed Spiral x

  • Been waiting for news , glad you have your mum home , hopefully things will in prove for all of you , including your dad....Brenda x

  • Thx you Brenda x

  • That's good news Amanda. Glad your Mum is on the mend and that your Dad is settling into his new home. You will be amazed how quickly he will adapt. Different stimulation will work wonders.

    NOW, get some rest!!!!

    Lots of love


  • Thx heady I'm slowly managing more rest now, easier with mum at home x

  • Hi Amanda,

    That's so nice to read, glad your Mum is on the mend and your Dad's settled, you've had a really tough ordeal, time to look after yourself a bit now, promise me?

    Love and big hugs....Pat xx

  • Yeah promise Pat, I'm trying!! X

  • Dear Amanda, your post was a pleasure to read. Glad your mum is home, I always think people recover better in their own home. As for your Dad, I couldn't be more happier that he is settling in well. You have been to h.ll and back again over the past few weeks, so I hope things keep improving for you all. Now it's time for you to take care of yourself and rest as much as you can.

    Love to you all. ❤

    Marion (Nanny857)

  • Thx Marion I feel a long sit down coming on x

  • Dear Amanda

    You have done so well with this multiple crisis. I am rather awed.

    Your love for them both is inspiring.

    I hope I can do as well when my time comes.

    Hoping you get more sleep now.

    Very warmly



  • Amanda glad your mum is home, she will get better quicker at home, so happy your dad had settled in, wow he has agreed to be hoisted, he must like it there.

    Amanda you have had a hell of 16 days, you look after yourself, get plenty of sleep and rest, you deserve it lovely lady. Sending you a big hug. Yvonne xxxx

  • Bless you thx Yvonne x

  • Thx Kevin, once again you helped me enormously x

  • What a relief ! So glad things are progressing well.

    Now look after yourself !

    Well done. A big hug from Jean xx

  • I'm trying, thx Jean x

  • Really glad to hear it, Amanda. I wish you the rest you surely deserve, you warrior, you. Peace, ec

  • lol thx EC, a warrior.......😂 X

  • That's brilliant. So pleased he is settled. Xx

  • Again Vron without your input doubt this would have happened so quickly so thx you!! X

  • Amanda, I'm so pleased to hear things are looking up a bit and particularly that the nursing home is proving good so far for your Dad. It will be such a relief for you, and your Mum, that the responsibility is now shared. You have done amazingly well to get everything back on an even keel.



  • Thx Vicki, Mum and I are both feeling the relief not having to be carers 24/7!!!! X

  • Ahh thank goodness for that ! Great to hear all is calmer . So glad your Dad is settling and mum home . Amanda you've shown what a strong loving and wonderful daughter ( and human being) you are ! Now get some rest you must be exhausted ! Lots of love Jude x

  • Thx Jude! I am exhausted and will just take time now to adjust and get as much rest as possible x

  • Now breathe! My wise daughter summed it up last year when our world was collapsing ' mum I've run out of worry'!

    Julie x

  • Wise words Julie from your daughter x

  • Can't add to the above posts except to say you are amazing..... even giving US a chuckle!! No need! Take care!! God bless! Sue

  • Thx Sue x

  • i agree with you all

    jill. ol and xxxxx

  • Thx Jill how are you?? X

  • Amanda I am so delighted that your Mum is home and your Dad is settling in to the Nursing Home. It is hardly surprising you are so tired after all you have been through. I hope you are catching up on some sleep now?

    Thanks for the update!

    Lots of love to you.

    Marie x

  • Bless you thx Marie

    How are you doing? X

  • I AM DOINF OIK THX AMANDA I'm off for another weeks HOLIDAY IN N.YORKShiRE




  • Have a nice time Jill .hope the weather is good....Brenda x

  • Bless you Jill !! Enjoy every moment x

  • I'm so glad you have weathered the storm so brilliantly Amanda and glad your Mum is home and your Dad is comfortable too. You have done an amazing job at coping in an incredibly difficult situation and you should feel very proud of yourself xx

  • Aww thx Martina x

  • Sounds like prayers are being answered....thank you Lord, amen....

    remember to take care of yourself, water, sleep, time away.....

    Love, AVB

  • Thx you AVB how are you? X

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