Morning all


Went to hospital yesterday to see Archie

His observations was abit low to me

Bp 98/78

Sats 92

Temp 37.4

When I asked they said they were fine

his baseline obs are 122/88. 96. 35.6

I check him when he's at home and if I got the 1st readings it tells me something is going on with him

While talking with him he told me he had a visitor during the night from his nephew unfortunately few years ago passed away and he told him to come and join him cause it was good where he is now

Has anybody had this same experience

Sue x

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  • Yes. My mother had similar experiences when she was weak with acute illness on top of her chronic condition.

    The thing to watch for is whether there is a psychosis from urine infection or a reaction to medication. In which case it persists rather than being a transient phenomena perhaps caused by a tired mind confusing a dream with wakefulness.

    I do hope this helps a little.




  • Thank you Kevin

    I've some issues to fetch up tomorrow so I will fetch this up again

    Sue x

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