Update on Mum

Bad news, Mum has a bowel blockage and get this, a hernia!!

The hospital are 'hoping' to operate tonight!

This has all come from NOWHERE!!!!

Mum is (brace yourself too much information) sicking up pooh! Dad ended up in the same hospital last May with this!

So as you can imagine I'm totally beside myself

Mum is very very poorly (never see my sweetheart in such a bloody awful state) mum couldn't take the tubes being put down her nose and throat to get the pooh drained which as you will all understand may now bring even worse problems....please God no!!

As for care for Dad I have my sister here til Saturday (breathing space) to KICK chc into touch tomorrow, failing that, well you know what I fear for Dad....I can't say those words

Simply shit! X

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  • Amanda

    I am so sorry. Your poor Mum for doesn't deserve this! I will say a prayer for her that the operation goes well. She does sound very sick as you said. Is there anyone there with you?

    Marie x

  • Aww thank you Marie

    I'm just gonna attempt sleep

    My sister is downstairs thank goodness watching over Dad

    I'll be back at the hospital at 8am

    Sister and carers here tomorrow

    Thank you for your kind understanding Marie, can't begin to explain how you all help me through, it's crazy x

  • We all help each other Amanda! Nobody else to help is there?! God bless and sleep tight.

    Marie x

  • There are no words as this is just totally so emotionally charged for you with worry for both of your parents. I really hope once they operate your Mum will start to feel better and be on the mend.

    I hope you and your sister are able to support each other at this time. Do you get on?

    You must be totally wrecked with such little sleep last night. Please let tonight be kinder to our Amanda and let her sleep.

    Really hope tomorrow when you see your Mum she is feeling relief from the operation and all goes well in her recovery.

    Massive hugs xxx

  • Spiral you are just so lovely thank you!!

    Let's say this, me and my sister are very different but she is very sweet and kind

    I'm absolutely wrecked, bring on the sleep fairies!!!!

    Night darling x

  • They better bring it, those pesky fairies.


  • Oh Amanda so sorry to hear that, hopefully once they operate she will be ok. She is going to need time to get over this, with no pressure from anyone, your dad needs the care now, because once your mum is home she is going to need looking after. Saying a prayer for you lovely lady. Glad your sister is there helping out, at least you get time to breath. Amanda look after yourself, because you will be no good to anyone if you get sick.

    Saying a prayer for you and your family Yvonne xxxxxx

  • Thx you Yvonne

    I wish so much we could All meet up, I bloody love all of you!! Night. X

  • Sweet dreams . Yvonne xxx

  • Hi Amanda hope your mum gets her operation and makes a good recovery and your dad doesn't fret too much for your mum. Look after yourself and get much needed sleep while you have your sister staying. Thinking of you all. Love Nanny857xx




  • Thanks Jill, how are you doing. It's great to see your posts. xx

  • Thx nanny it's just a living nightmare! I often wonder if I've done something bad in a previous life to have to endure all this suffering?! X

  • If you have, you've more than paid up for it. Seriously, try to unload some of those caring duties on to other and go back to being a loving daughter (which you are umpteen times over) to mum and dad. Also close the door on it all for 10/15mins and savour a coffee or a little light reading. I know it's easy to say all this and its a hard job to practise it, but please try if you can. We are all here for you Amanda, you are simply amazing. Love you, Nanny857xx xx

  • Your poor mother! What an awful ordeal. Your parents are so lucky to have you looking out for them during this epically horrific time, and I can hardly imagine what you are going through. Hugs, girlfriend, and heart-felt get well wishes for your mum. I hope tomorrow brings better news. Love, ec

  • Thx you EC

    Difficult times ahead I know x

  • Shit...literally.....It's stress and old age......get her fixed up let her know she will be ok dad is taken care of and alll she has to do is get better.....in about 2 to 6 weeks, give her that goal......and a respite.....talk to your 'CHC people and tell them you are in the middle of a tornado and need some help....and for you dear ....oh Lord......I'll just pray for your continued strength!

    Love you Satt


  • Aww thx AVB

    Love ya right back x

  • Hi there Amanda

    Boy, are you ever going through the wars at present and I am sincerely hoping that by now you are very happily, sound asleep!!!!!!!!! And boy, it does sound incredibly difficult with your Mum - I am wondering how the medical and nursing staff are managing at the hospital................................ I cannot imagine how your Mum would be feeling either. Or you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Please know that we are all thinking of you during this incredibly difficult time.

    Lots of love and hugs


  • Thx you Bindi! How we are all feeling? I can't explain except I feel sick to the stomach with everything x

  • Be careful! If you get sick, the wheels are truly off!

  • Oh your poor mum I hope she gets some help soon hugs 🤗

  • Thx tillyhugs x

  • Good grief Amanda!!

    It's morning now and just after 8.00 am so I know you'll be up and at it. Chasing to the hospital to see your dear mum . I'm so hoping she'll recover quickly for you ... let your sister and the carers look after your dad and concentrate on mum. One at a time . You just can't do everything ... be kind to yourself even if it's a couple of minutes to have a quiet coffee . Things can only improve for you . Sending you love today and I'm thinking of you too ... stay strong we are all here for you xxxx Jude xxxx

  • Thx Jude I cry as I read your kind words x

  • Never rains but it pours!!! If you phone CHC and say you need respite NOW, I am sure they will be able to help, if not try Soical services. A lot of homes have beds ready, for just this sort of emergency.

    I suspect your poor Mum has been in pain for a while, but too tired to notice, this is a lesson for us all, including YOU! Carers must have time off, sleep well, eat properly, have time to breath and do a quick health check every so often. I would like to say our GP's on their regular visit to see our loved ones, gave us a quick once over, but as the former is a joke, the latter is impossible, so the good olde NHS has to pick up the tab again, for GP's incompetence. "Off your hobby horse Anne!"

    I do hope your Mum will be OK and the op is today.

    Try and get some rest, somewhere in the middle of this, even if it's in the chair, next to your Mums bed.

    Sending big hug and much love

    Lots of love


  • Thx you Anne! Your words are so right! This has all obviously taken a very bad toll on my Mum! A lesson I would ask everyone to remember my posts about my mum, because I wouldn't wish this on anyone else here!!!!!! X

  • How is your Mum today?

    Lots of love


  • Its 130pm .and I have just read you post , I do hope you have received some good news about your mum, and that hopefully you had a few hours sleep.I have a hernia and some times find I have a dull ache in my tummy, after resting it feels easier , I have to be careful how I lift things , I dont want an operation . So I understand why she kept her tummy problems to her self. I do hope you have had some encouraging news by now , will be thinking about you till I read you next post xxx love Brenda....

  • Thx you Brenda

    You will see from a post yesterday the op is done x

  • What a nightmare, Amanda !!!

    Words are inadequate. Yes, we keep going - hierarchy of needs. A lesson to us all.

    I hope by now things have been sorted practically so you can focus on loving your parents.

    You are wonderful, Amanda. I'm sure they know they are lucky to have you.

    Big hug from Jean xxx

  • Thx you Jean

    Definitely a harsh lesson to us all x

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