I do seriously wonder who the people at chc think they are??!!

As some of you may know my Mum became unwell late yesterday afternoon and has been in bed since 5pm yesterday, she has been sick a lot and has hardly drank anything equally no food!

I've had the GP out who thinks either a bug or urine infection and until I get a sample it can't be tested (that's not forthcoming at the moment as mum is exhausted and sleeping)

So I rang chc asking if one of the usual carers could stay here all day everyday til Friday this week n if the other one could stay a couple of nights! Our lovely carers were more than happy to oblige as they are not busy this week. But, chc said NO, they offered a change of agencies with one live in carer! I declined their shit offer as there is no way I'm losing our carers!

I think the people that work at chc are all little job worths with no idea how real life and caring for the ill really is!

I'm cancelling jobs left right and centre to look after both parents!

Thank you very much chc - your a bunch of useless bar stewards!

On the plus side our main carer has said she'll be here all week and stay all day without being paid for the additional hours! Bless her!! I'll take up her offer but obviously I'll pay her, handsomely!

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  • Oh dear so sorry to hear that, hope your mum gets better soon, sending you a big hug you don't need all this stress, it is stressful enough living with PSP . Hugs Amanda xxxx

  • Thx Yvonne. No one gets the stress except for all of us on here! Big hugs back darling x

  • Thank you Amanda you take care and make sure you don't get the sickness bug, Yvonne xxxx

  • Oh, it makes me so angry when unnecessary difficulties thwart us !!!

    Carers are angels sometimes and we want to hang on to them.

    Hope they come round and pay. What is their reasoning ?

    love, Jean x

  • Lol Jean, reasoning?! I dunno, just cos they like being difficult probably and making my life extra stressful......or maybe their just being tight! I must look into where you take control of the monies yourself because I would have avoided this nonsense then! X

  • I think so often " administrator's " waste so much money saving money - and creating stress !!

    Grrgghh !!!!


  • Reckon your absolutely right Jean!

    I'd love to administer them one day lol x

  • ##### the lot of them! I have frequently had to speak to the head honcho re changes in care requirements, things move then. The personal allowance is the one you are thinking of, I am seriously thinking about it, just having the time and energy to sort out. Can your hospice help at all?

    Julie x

  • Bloody hell SATT... Miserable... they will be looking after their budget... There comes a point where one live in is cheaper...

    I'm so sorry you are cancelling work. This carer thing can make one very isolated. Getting out for work is really important. Then there is the extra work...Caring for two?... OMG.

    What can I say... Just sending our hugs and perhaps a Kalashnikov... Do you prefer the green plastic shelled version or the original with a mahogany butt. ;)

    But seriously... Just another battle in PSP...

    Here for you in a cyber sort of way.



  • That's awful Amanda, it's near the end of financial year so maybe funds are low or on the other hand bar stewards like you said.😉

    In Northern Ireland the Health Trusts have a Direct Payments Scheme, where they assess the amount of care needed and then give you the funds to recruit your own carers. There is also an agency who will do your payroll for you if you don't want to. Do you have something similar on the mainland?

    I hope you mum recovers very soon.

    Lots of love Nanny857xx

  • I was going to suggest paying them off the books if you can manage that. Im sure they'd be happy to oblige. Money in the hand and no tax. Win win. Good luck. Sounds nightmarish..

  • Hi Satt

    I hope things get better for you all soon.

    We're thinking of you.

    Warmly with hugs

    Liz and Kevin


  • Thx K

    Everything is shit!!

    Hugs x

  • I've just posted to you on the other thread.

    Hugs and P.M. me - I will do anything I can.



  • I simply ❤ you Kevin x

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