A very overdue hello to everyone

How is everyone?

That's goes for patients and carers! And for our dear carers that have so very recently lost their loved ones!

I'm knackered today as worked last night behind the bar

My dad (bless him) is having a good day today, i.e. Awake! May be due to constant visitors lol

Mum is having a nice Mother's Day, with a lil presecco to help 😀

Hugs all round x

Edit: I knew I spoke to soooooon!! My mum doesn't feel well and has just been sick! Not the presseco!! Hopefully not my cooking either!! So here I go, 2 patients not one! Oh god x

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  • Mum has been asleep most of her Mother's Day as got a stinking rotten cold from one of carers I think and had a really bad stomach bug earlier in week so she is totally done in. She did eat some of roast I did.

    Had a week of unreliable carers not coming in so I'm knackered from being the second carer this week on quite a few calls. Hosting is not fun!

    I'm rolling into bed very soon I hope after night meds. Sleep fairies better help tonight as coughing has been bad!

    Hope your Mum hasn't got sickness bug as it isn't pleasant.

    Hugs to all xx

  • Aww sounds awful Spiral sparkle!

    Sounds like you have another crap care agency?! Disgraceful behaviour on their part, bringing in germs and then not having enough carers!

    I'm hoping for the sleep fairies too as Dad is very unsettled with mum upstairs for the night, but I've told him I'll be in the bed next to him, so he's not too worry!

    I'm thinking mum may be exhausted hence the sickness, I know tiredness can do that to me....I've re arranged my first job of the day tomorrow to Tuesday as I can't be going out if mum isn't well

    Hugs back darling, big ones!! X

  • Amanda lovely to hear from you this bloody PSP stinks, hope your mum feels better after a good nights sleep. Been to my daughters for dinner all our children there, our son in law cooked a lovely dinner, granddaughter baked an amazing cake, got some lovely flowers and a handbag. Came home George was knackered, but he has been up so many time wanting to get up, he has had a sleeping tablet and a lorazepam, he can't open his eyes, but is insisting he wants to get up, side up on the bed, fingers crossed for a better nights sleep. Careers should not come in if they are unwell really irresponsible of them to do it, we had a career come in and say they didn't feel well, I asked them to leave , you just can't chance it, we have enough to do with them getting a bug. When our son was unwell last week, he said mum I am not coming around, I told him I love you but I really don't want you here if you are unwell. Hugs to you all hopefully we will all have sweet dreams, and sleep all night xx.

  • Bless you Yvonne your day sounded really rather special! I'm pleased you enjoyed all the treats! I'm knackered rubbish nights sleep! Dad is worrying about mum whom is still asleep upstairs but I'm hoping after a good nights sleep she'll feel better.......how she sleeps down here with the snoring is quite beyond me?! X

  • Amanda you get use to it, have a lovely day, hope your mum Is better today xxxx

  • Used to it?! Lol

    Mum isn't good, just had GP round, see my reply to Heady below

    Much love x

  • Spiralsparkle

    Sorry to hear that your Mum has been ill too. I wasn't aware there was a bug going around. I felt ill last night so just went asleep. Woke up at some bizarre time and felt a bit better so went to bed! Today I have done a Heady and been under a blanket doing a lot of crying. Feel so alone it's hard to put into words.

    Hope your Mum is feeling better today? You too!

    Marie x

  • Bless you Marie! Huge hugs x

  • Morning!

    We had a lovely sunny Mother's Day, ten of us went out for lunch, we knocked into three people who completely ignored the wheelchair! I take no prisoners now, you get one excuse me then take the consequences! Got home and Rog sucked and spluttered over chocs but boy did he enjoy them!

    Have a good day

    Julie x

  • Aww Julie I'm pleased you got out to lunch on such a beautiful day! Some people are just so bloody rude! And the chocolates sound rather wonderful too x

  • Hi Satt, we had a lovely day thank you. I cooked a meal for the first time in a lot of months. Had 10 around for lunch, celebrating Mothers Day and my sisters 60th birthday. Even baked a cake. It was very strange, entertaining with out Steve around. Everyone mucked in to clear up, then I was taken back to my sisters house, as I couldn't face the evening on my own. Still it was a very enjoyable day, even the sun came out to play.

    Hope your Mum is feeling better today and your Dad has another good day.

    Lots of love


  • Aww that sounds lovely Anne although it must have been very strange without your dear Steve. Unfortunately Mum isn't at all well, just had GP out, may be a bug or a possible urine infection (awaiting a sample for them to test) in the meantime I've rung chc for more help this week and also the hospice! Hospice at home team will come in tomorrow for a couple of hours and I'm waiting on chc to call me back (they best not mess me around, im soooo tired, I could snap) I'll keep you posted. I'm absolutely knackered!! X big hugs x

  • Thought I'd let you know that chc won't let our usual carers do extra care but offered to change agencies and have 1 live in full time carer?!! Er no!!! I think not, no way am I prepared to lose our 2 carers! Chc can foxtrot Oscar and I told em don't bother we'll stick with what we have!! One of our carers isn't busy this week n bless her heart has offered to be here all day apart from one call she had to do at 10am each day, I said obviously we will pay her she said no way! Well you know what I will and it'll be a dam sight more than the agency pay her!! I hate those tossers at chc!! How would one carer being any use? 2 are needed for pad changing washing and dressing! I'm slightly fuming and feel like ringing them back to let off steam......

  • Amanda, I don't think you do " slightly fuming ".!!!

    Go for the full monty !


  • Heady

    What's cooking? Will I ever do it again I wonder? Going through the blanket and settee stage! Feel I should be as together as I was before. It has just hit me this week. However I feel so lonely.

    You are so lucky to have someone who will let you stay. I was at my son's yesterday. He did the cooking of course and then near 4pm my daughter said she would take me home. I ended up in tears. She went quiet and didn't speak to me all the way home. My son thought I was crying because of some music! I just said it was because of how I was feeling. I desperately didn't want to come home to an empty house but couldn't say that.

    How long does this last? Forever? Not sure I will cope that long. Friends have vanished again. I really don't have understanding friends. Only one has lost his wife many years ago but everyone else is lucky enough to have their loved ones. So I guess they don't understand the loniless? Anyway this blanket is useful.

    Marie x

  • Amanda

    Glad to hear from you but so sorry that your Mum is now ill. Fingers crossed that it is nothing serious and she will soon be well. The CHC should be abolished! They don't care or understand what people go through. Hence they are a waste of space!

    Fingers crossed that all is well with you today.

    Marie x

  • Aww thank you Marie! Just had urine tested and it's an infection and have just been to get antibiotics before carers left for the evening. So I'm now hoping Mum can keep them down and get better real soon!! The chc are an absolute bunch of jokers, they make me sick! No compassion whatsoever! X

  • Amanda

    You are so right about CHC!

    Glad you know what is wrong with your Mum. Fingers crossed she will be able to take them alright. Poor woman, as if she hasn't enough to cope with? You too. Can I adopt you? You are amazing!

    Love and hugs to you all.

    Marie x

  • Aww Marie, what an absolutely beautiful thing to say thank you!! ❤ you know what, I love my Mum and Dad so much I can't explain it! They've always looked after me so why wouldn't I look after my dear darlings?! X

  • Hello, Spiralsparkle. You have a remarkable sense of duty and of humour. I am amazed at your positive approach in dealing with all that you have to do. Amazing! Sending a big hug. X

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