Incontience pad-waste collection

Just wondering if anyone has such a service?

Our local (idiots) of a council are changing our bin collections to fortnightly! How we are supposed to cope with a minimum of 5 pads a day not being collected weekly along with all other household rubbish (not including recycling) is beyond me!

Any ideas? Bar me visiting the local tip once/twice a week welcome

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  • Amanda we have one week is recycling bin, and garden waste, then the week after household rubbish. If I have more I have to go up to the local tip, it is a nightmare but it has always been like it since we moved here. Yvonne xxxx

  • It's so wrong isn't it Yvonne? X

  • Have a word with the district nurses they can arrange a yellow bag collection for what's classed as clinical waste. it's been a real boon for me as Mum has one of those skinny one person wheelie bins and with collections every 2 weeks and not being able to drive it was getting daft. They collect every week here in the Fens and provide the yellow bags. It's one service that actually works!!

  • Ooh thank you Dizz!! I'll call them tomorrow x

  • We have a weekly collection and I go to the local tip every week. It is a nightmare, particularly in the summer!

  • Crazy in this day and age isn't it? If I started up a collection for this service I'd be a millionaire 10 times over!! Aha, there's an idea x

  • Now there's an idea....!

  • Exactly if I had the know how and wonga, ooh just imagine x

  • They used to do yellow bag collection here for clinical waste but no longer do now, all down to bloody budget cuts!

  • Disgraceful

  • I had trouble with a three bag limit until I threatened to leave it at the Towne Hall.

  • Lol well done you!!


  • Satt it is the district nurses job to arrange the yellow bag delivery and collection xxx

  • Thx Richmond

    I meant to ask them last night but got sidetracked, will remember tonight!!

    How are you and your mum? X

  • She's much the same thanks, we having problems with her peg site and wound infection that they can't seem to clear up, they now saying she will have to have the tube changed but mum doesn't want it, as you know she's refused any treatment that will prolong her life. Without the peg we won't be able to get any fluids down her cause she chokes even when fluids are thickened. Hope you n your mum and dad are ok xxxxxxx

  • 😓 so so sad!!

    Yeah we are ok thx, just so tiring, but you know all about that! X

  • It is satt completely draining emotionally and physically. take care xxx

  • Yes we have two weekly but they told me to out one week in the ordinary bin in a black bag not one of the yellow bags

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