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Hi everyone

Just a query for those with a loved one with CBD. My husband complained of stomach ache as we were on our way to his annual neurologist appt. It appeared so bad I turned around to get him back to see a GP. When he got out of the car he was very wobbly, shaking & confused. They put him straight onto a bed & within minutes he's joking but still a bit confused. GP examined him & said everything felt ok (I thought it may have been constipation). Urine fine except for a bit dehydrated. He had not had breakfast but that's not unusual for him lately. We get back in the car & he pipes up & says he's starving. I'm not one to worry but at the time the pain and his demeanor almost had me in tears I was so worried for him. Has anyone experienced this at all??

Two years ago he had something similiar & after blood tests & CT they thought he had divertculae disease or bowel cancer. He refused to follow up & find out. But he has had no problems except constipation since then. Any advice would be appreciated.



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  • What did the GP say? Any follow ups scheduled?

  • Nope only if he has another episode to come back or call an ambulance. He was offered a colonoscopy previously but declined. Said he didn't want to know. I think it was more to do with going thriugh more investigations, tests & procedures.

  • Hi Kerry I don't post on here very often but I read posts daily. I was diagnosed with cbd in 2013. I found your post interesting as I have recently been diagnosed with diverticulitis following an 8 day stay in hospital. I was admitted from A&E and felt really poorly and in a lot of pain and shaking. Following a colonoscopy My consultant told me to drink 2 litres of water a day and fibogel laxatives as it is caused by constipation and there is no specific treatment for it. He also said if the pain lasts for two days to phone my gp for antibiotics.I was really scared at the time and my lovely caring family gave me lots of support and continue to do so. I've been on fibogel about 2 weeks now with no change in bowel habits so think I will be adding prunes next. I am waiting for an appointment with my neurologist (should have been 4 months ago) to see if there is a connection but I expect the usual answer "it's difficult to know and we can't put everything down to cbd" sorry I can't be more helpful. I hope you and your loved one are well at the moment x

    PAT C

  • Thanks Pippin it is interesting. I was giving my husband regular laxative just to keep things moving but he started to resist it so now I try & monitor his toileting (not always easy). I think I will attempt the regular dose again. He normally does drink quite a bit of water but I did notice just lately not as much. His sister has become his daytime carer I will mention it to her to push his fluids.

    Good luck with your neurologist. I hope you keep well xo


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