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Well I was right

Yep they ran out of gas cops called the other night about 2 am and said they found my truck and they got about as far as I thought 6 miles LOL it was on the only side of town I had not checked Still in one piece. We went over to California to see my grandaughter and were evacuated 30 min. after we got there, there is a big hole in the Oroville Dam so got Aunt Bev loaded and grandbaby and headed for the hills then we couldnt get home because of mud slides on all three hwys to home. We made it safely though.

I have a question not to change the subject but did any of your loved ones have a drastic change in their looks with PSP I am going to try to show a before PSP and after PSP pictures of Bev and see if anyone else had this much change.

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Hurrah for the home coming of the much loved truck!

Gosh, are all Americans like Indiana Jones then? Mudslides and seconds before the dam goes - Wow! Here I have to cope with carefully driving around a maliciously discarded chocolate wrapper! ;)

Glad you all made it safely out - From the news papers it looked quite scary.

Yes, I think it is the muscles in the face PSP thing. Mouth drawn downwards, other facial muscles impassive and the PSP stare.

My lovely hugable Liz is stil in there and I do still get little smiles.

Glad you and yours are all safe.


You were in Oroville, too? My goodness, Kryste, you do find excitement! Glad you are safe. Are you sorry the truck was recovered?

Yes, the change in appearance is a common thing. How's your Aunt doing with all the adventures? And is she in a clinical trial?

Best, ec


Heard about the dam, its all over the news here in NY. Glad everyone is safe. Keep us posted.

Moms looks have changed, especially with dehydration before the peg. Most noticeable are her eyes, the seem a little sunken and darker. Directly around her eye, lids, and the white around the pupil is red from dryness, and constant tearing. The pupils themselves are tiny. Her eyes don't move, you have to be directly in front of her eyes to be seen.


Well I'm sorry that weight is back on your shoulders....I think....course from the sound of it insurance was only going to laugh that you wanted some form of compensation..... So now you get to guess when you filled it last and try not to brake infront of a cop! I must say changing a brake light is more simple than you might think....I think.....especially in a truck....So you were getting mudslides way up in Reno , Huh? Where I lived in Paradise California was just north of the evacuation zone.....Do you remember seeing pictures of lake Orville Lake?.....wasn't it last summer you could WALK across the dehydrated bowl? Now it's overflowing....dang thats alot of water! and all at once with all the mountain sides burnt to a crisp from summer fires! poor California.....Bread basket of America is now a bunch of burnt soggy toast!

Yes my dear the mask I believe is what they call that PSP look. It is sort of a shocked expression as their eyelids refuse to be in a normal position. My husband has a different look. His is more of a scowl which is also "normal" He cannot open his lids without really trying , or manually opening them. If I may say, no need for before and after It's sort of discouraging....I love to see pictures but if it's just about PSP...well we all know what that looks like....sorry don't want to be mean....anyway her facial expression is true to PSP.....

I did not know you had grandkids! now that's a picture I'd like to see!



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